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07-30-2011, 05:54 PM
Its the year 2213, mankind has developed the blackhole technology (The Shadow Rush) so they could travel beyond there own star cluster. They found several new star clusters and also new alien races.

The Q'wox:
A reptile kind race, highly developed. Mostly seen as bounty hunters or mercenaries Live on the lava planet of Coldth.

The Valyak:
Also called ''The Purebloods'', these aliens think they were the first and best living form in the galaxy. They refuse contact with any other race. There are rumors that they are planning to purge all the unclean alien races. Live on the city planet of Fär Öer

The Plactras:
Weasel like creatures, small and furry. They are extremly social but are also known as the best poison makers of the galaxy. Live on the swampy planet of Ecclesia.

The Genols:
Master assassins, mostly because they are just a black cloud with eyes. Strangly enough they can hold things. Live on the mountain planet of Scor.

All the species have colonies throughout the galaxy. They trade with eachother and live in harmony (Aside from the Valyak)

Recently a strange disease occured throughout all the galaxy, it effects all the alien races, including humans. All but the Valyak are infected.
This mail was sent to your HQ at the date of 22-05-2213

From: Unkown
To: The Nova Corps ((you can always change the name if you want))
Subject: Disease

* Spoken *
I've heard this group is the best. You need to find a link between The Valyak and this disease thats spreading. I don't care how you do it, but something just tells me that it is there fault.
I will pay you well. And if you find a link, I got another task for you.

Good luck.

* Transmission ended *


Ok, each one in the group has his own special abilities. These are:
- The Tactitian
Master at planning, with a skilled Tactitian you could easily deafeat a major force.
Special Abilties (choose one): Holo targets or Fortify Shields (group)

- The Soldier
His home is on the battlefield. Specialized in all weapons.
Special Abilities (choose one): Deployable shield or Inferno Grenade

- The Demo man
His best with explosives and the big guns. Also handy if you need a door blown up.
Special Abilities (choose one): Charged shot or Mini Nuke

- The Shadow
Master Hacker and blends in with the shadows.
Special Abilities (choose one): Cloaking field or Hack AI

- The Medic
Needs to keep the team up and running, but is very weak with weapons. But has two abilities
Special Abilities: Neural Shock and Revive

This roleplay has no stats, or special movements. It does have dice rolls. 5 people max.

Sign up like this:
IC name:
Class: (only one of each)
Weapons: (you can have two weapon sorts: Assault rifle, pistol, sniper, shotgun, heavy weapon, smg Medic can only choose one)
Ability: (choose one, except Medic)

If you want to sign up, do it here.
If you have questions, ask them here.
If you need to pee, go to a toilet.

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Better not be like Mass Effect this time...

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hey is this still going because i think its pretty cool