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03-19-2011, 03:51 PM
A list of questions that are often asked, here for your convenience.

03-19-2011, 03:57 PM
Forums and Website:

What happened to the old website?
The new website's set up helps us to release content more easily. The new website happened to have new forums too, so we moved them!
Both the forums and the website can be viewed here:
Old forum (Now Read Only)
Old Site (Now Read Only)

Who's the boss around here?
Heroes are moderators around the forum and they keep the forum clean of spam and bad apples.
Legendary Hero and Legendary Heroine are the admins of the forum.
You can see the list here. (http://www.urealms.com/showgroups.php)

Can I have my name changed to so-and-so?

How do I give myself an Avatar?
At the top of the page click Settings. In the page that loads, in the left hand Nav select Edit Avatar. Select an avatar!

Could we get an avatar lock?
I am going to say probably not. Because with the amount of members and the amount of avatars it would be unfair to everyone.
No. "Avatar locking" is something we would have to ADD to the forum, as its not a default option. Would have to be supported by vbulletin to work. Also, as stated above, we would have to create many more avatars to even be able to consider that option.

Can I delete my own post?
No. There is an edit button, so feel free to use that instead!

Will we be able to have signatures?
A: No. They are very cluttery, and most of us don't like them. Sorry.

I can't change the size of my font when I post.
This is intentional. It messes up the front page's "Recent Forum Posts" when it is enabled and used.

Will ranks be available in the forums?
A: They are, yes.

What are the ranks, and how do I get one, if possible?
Adventurer is currently the only rank obtainable to the general user. It is obtained by being a member for 30 days.
Super Adventurer is a rank gained by buying a Premium Membership. To read more about that, follow this link (http://www.urealms.com/showthread.php?1082-Premium-Membership).

What are Groups?
Groups are like smaller, more private forums that can be either restricted to certain users, or open to all users. Groups have a place for discussion, but beyond that there is nothing much to do. Currently there are two "for fun" groups, and one serious group that is used to discuss the building of the Dungeons and Creepers map.

Would it be possible for people to make groups?
Currently groups are set to be made admin only.

03-19-2011, 03:59 PM
Witty Wizard Content:

Where can I find a link to music used in your movies?
You can't. Music from the original series can be found from NES/SNES games and I do not provide rips as well as some of it can be found on the Newgrounds audio portal. Music from the new Unforgotten Realms cartoons however is not for download with the exception of the theme song which you can get here.

Unforgotten Realms:
Where is Episode [insert number here]?
BE PATIENT. I want to do Unforgotten Realms and it's just a matter of finding the time to grind them out and not have any problems or distractions.

What happened to E-Devs?
EDevs was targeted at an audience that honestly didn't care for it. It was designed to be eaiser to make then Unforgotten Realms, but even then they are still a lot of work for something that just didn't catch on. At some point we may continue EDevs in a new fashion/game to play off of.

What mods do you use?
For the most part it's just Bukkit/World Edit and Citizens for the NPCs.

Super Minecraft:
What happened to Super Minecraft?
SuperMinecraft, at the moment anyway, is somewhat dead because of how terrible the last couple patches have been for the modding community. Notch has really dropped the ball and I really wish there was a competitive alternative to his style of game to play.