• Super Minecraft: Episode 2

    Super Minecraft with Rob: Episode Two
    Archers, Knights, and Creepers, OH MY!
    There might not be any griffins or dragons in the sky, but there are plenty of Archers and Knights and creepers out to kill Rob in this second episode of Super Minecraft!

    Modpack used in this Minecraft movie he mentioned: [Link]
    Never played Minecraft? Check it out! [Link]
    Forums to chat about Super Minecraft and this Mod: [Link]

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    1. Tsukanomatsu's Avatar
      Tsukanomatsu -
      i love the series, tough the music is a bit loud
    1. Josh Trulson's Avatar
      Josh Trulson -
      Whats your name in Minecraft???
    1. Xavier Thorne's Avatar
      Xavier Thorne -
      Its great how the music gets really dramatic the moment you mention that you don't know where you are. I half expected some creature to just pop out of the ground and kill you.
    1. TuxedoPenguin's Avatar
      TuxedoPenguin -
      It's not letting me watch episode 2!

    1. Sideon's Avatar
      Sideon -
    1. Redchris55's Avatar
      Redchris55 -
      " ha ha your in the water lion. OH SHIT" Than line gets me every time
    1. sweme's Avatar
      sweme -
      20:20 is sad D=
    1. erafael's Avatar
      erafael -
      Whats the song around rainbows and stuff that Rob has playing called?
    1. SpaaaceMehreens's Avatar
      SpaaaceMehreens -
      He could always cast a spell.
    1. Shaun Beaver's Avatar
      Shaun Beaver -
      he needs to cast MEGA FLARE