• Super Minecraft: Episode 4

    Super Minecraft with Rob: Episode Four
    In Your Base
    Now that Rob has established his base in the sky, his next goal is to spend time fortifying it. However; new and unforseen complications seem to arise as the sun goes down.

    Modpack used in this Minecraft movie he mentioned: [Link]
    Never played Minecraft? Check it out! [Link]
    Forums to chat about Super Minecraft and this Mod: [Link]

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    1. Terezar's Avatar
      Terezar -
      I love both the way the ghast appears to destroy the base, and the music that is playing when it does so. It's pretty epic.
    1. Sputnik_15's Avatar
      Sputnik_15 -
      I would have already made an underground base. Even though the mining zombies can get to you.. I would guess your better off fighting mining zombies then... everything else
    1. SpaaaceMehreens's Avatar
      SpaaaceMehreens -
      Oh ghast!11!
    1. beenyo's Avatar
      beenyo -
      i love how rob kills all of them when there helping him, i think they were just following him.