• Unforgotten Realms: Episode 1

    Unforgotten Realms: Episode One
    The Remaking of Heroes

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    1. Colin Etzel's Avatar
      Colin Etzel -
      Where it all began... for a second time. Thank you Rob
    1. mastermind's Avatar
      mastermind -
      This video is so full of win :)
    1. Terezar's Avatar
      Terezar -
      I remember when i saw this first episode. I didn't even know what the show was really, just looked kinda interesting. Things have come a long way since then
    1. MetalDragon's Avatar
      MetalDragon -
      One of the Best Episodes in the series.
    1. BinaryJunkie's Avatar
      BinaryJunkie -
      Rewatching the whole series for a fourth time...

    1. redshadow765's Avatar
      redshadow765 -
      the most epic episode to start the most epic adventure
    1. Freelance's Avatar
      Freelance -
      Um why does Mike hang out in rob's basement.
    1. TheGroundbold's Avatar
      TheGroundbold -
      it doesnt play <-(im just as unhappy as that guy) something to do with quicktime player but i've updated it and all. does anyone know what i should install in order to watch this?
    1. Zemran's Avatar
      Zemran -
    1. Wienerboy's Avatar
      Wienerboy -
      I have 3 peepees.
    1. Shadowlink839's Avatar
      Shadowlink839 -
      I'm glad my P.E. teacher hasn't seen this or he'd kill you for saying gym and not P.E.
    1. Fang2k10's Avatar
      Fang2k10 -
      rewatching for the 6th time still awesome
    1. Fang2k10's Avatar
      Fang2k10 -
      HA! i rolled a 20
    1. hgNumb's Avatar
      hgNumb -
      ok i get off the train
    1. Billabo's Avatar
      Billabo -
      I love that he included the original three-second "19+4" animation that started it all! I didn't notice that the first few times
    1. Carlos Quinones's Avatar
      Carlos Quinones -
      the good old days
    1. Electromagnet's Avatar
      Electromagnet -
      Any reason why this is on the front page again?
    1. Forkness9494's Avatar
      Forkness9494 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Electromagnet View Post
      Any reason why this is on the front page again?
      I'm guessing since he put The Changeling video on youtube he's hoping that more people will come to the site and watch his other series. And people like big buttons to press to take them to new things, so he put big buttons on the front page.
    1. Yokuo's Avatar
      Yokuo -
      Dear Rob, I'm pretty sure this isn't new content. I do understand the confusion between 1 and 51, however. - Me PS: :trollbold:
    1. Zorbok2009's Avatar
      Zorbok2009 -
      can some one please tell me what is wrong with my quick time player? i just updated it like5 seconds ago just to watch these with my friend, if any one can help that would be great, thanks