• Unforgotten Realms: Episode 46

    Unforgotten Realms: Episode Forty-Six
    Stylish and Delicious

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    1. epicheroguy's Avatar
      epicheroguy -
      Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon nme his pig.....10 seconds later he ate him
    1. Fang2k10's Avatar
      Fang2k10 -
      STOP CRIMINALS! from the R-O-A to the M-I-N hes the crime solvin rank eleven paladin
    1. Lil Jbm's Avatar
      Lil Jbm -
      Wow he made 4 episodes without escapist and then didn't make one even after a year. Come on Rob I mean I have patience but this is ridiculous.
    1. Fireviper's Avatar
      Fireviper -
      this has to be one of my favorite episodes