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    GRR Podcast: Episode One
    Super Powers

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    1. Reaprar's Avatar
      Reaprar -
      Not sure if it's just me, but I wanted to go back and watch this again and it doesn't seem to work anymore.
    1. Dfalt's Avatar
      Dfalt -
    1. epicheroguy's Avatar
      epicheroguy -
      i watched this last year and decided "well it was hilarious" so im gonna watch it again,hope its still funny!
    1. Colon's Avatar
      Colon -
      I roll how good this show was. D20 :D
    1. NotchesWatch's Avatar
      NotchesWatch -
      This Is AWesome (idea for podcast) the best guiness records mmooaarr 20 for how good this show is (you know you could say first right?)
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      Troll. Anyway, the mixed up senses is called synthesesia and is more of a condition. That kind of precognition is also in pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness/sky.
    1. AnatronMan's Avatar
      AnatronMan -
      I have the power to steal other powers
    1. Aaron Shaw's Avatar
      Aaron Shaw -
      I loved these so much...
    1. Fang2k10's Avatar
      Fang2k10 -
      watching for the first time pretty funny
    1. erafael's Avatar
      erafael -
      If you want to make lightsaber gloves you just have to make the interior part that covers your hand a lightsaber resistant material (theres a few) so the outside can be the saber.
    1. Sputnik_15's Avatar
      Sputnik_15 -
      Is this new?!?! I've never seen these ones before :D I'm so happy theres things i haven't seen