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    GRR Podcast: Episode Nine

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      MacGyver can use gaary as a bullet shield.
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      what about air?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Nowak View Post
      what about air?
      Breathing, filling ballons or making pockets of breathable air under water, creating hot air ballons, creating floaties, blowing out candles or fanning flames.

      Just for fun Ill take a crack at some of the guys ideas too.

      Wiffle Ball Bat: Use as a weak pry bar, use as a spacer, use for fuel, if its the foam kind he could use it to make napalm, he could use it to block incoming objects if they arent too heavy, and he could use it to extend his reach if he was trying to get at something beyond a set of bars or outside a window or something.

      Haircut: Disguise, use the cut hair as tinder for a fire, Use the cut hair as a donation to cancer patients (they make wigs for them) so that TWO people could look like Macguyver!

      Gaary: meat shield, food source, manual labour, distraction, or even as a pack mule.

      Polio Virus: Despite all the mix up of words, I get that he had a vial of the polio virus. He could eleminate the polio in the vial with a vaccine and use the vial for carrying small amounts of liquids like nitro glyceryn or even water should the need arise. He could use the virus as a weapon, or at least a threat, against terrorist organizations.

      Sandwich Boards: I REALLY dont think black people are going to care what is written on the boards if Macguyver is using them to save their lives. Likely they will see it as the first good use of racism ever.

      Empty Hardware Store: Shelter, he could use the pipes and wiring in the walls, the lighting, the flooring, he could make rafts or even small huts from the walls. If it used drywall he could grind it up and make a flame retardant powder.

      Gun: he does hate guns but he has used the gunpowder from bullets before, and he has often used the butt of a gun as a club.

      Book: A weight like Rob said, he can use the paper as tinder, he could use it as a wedge, he could tear out the pages to stuff in a jacket as insulation in a cold area, he could use the paper as message paper, he could throw it as a weapon or to try and hit or break something.

      Condom: Water Proofing, he can use it to keep his hands sanitized if he has to go digging through anything nasty, he could use the rubber to make a makeshift slingshot, he could use it as a pouch, keeping any number of small things in it like coins, stones, the worlds tiniest violin etc

      Oh and for the record, the penny Roamin suggested is made of copper, which is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it a great replacement fuse or a way to bridge two wires, rather dangerously i might add.
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      I think we all know that Gaary wouldn't be Macgyver's . Gaary would be a huge jerk about it.
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      Roamin won at the empty hardware store....