• 2Player: Mario: Part 4

    2 Player: Super Mario World
    Super Mario World: Part 4

    Rob defeated Ludwing von Koopa last episode, and the Forest of Illusion lies ahead. Roamin is still stuck at Lemmy's Castle, how long will it take him to defeat Lemmy and cross the bottom bridge of Twin Bridges to catch up with Rob?

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    1. palidram's Avatar
      palidram -
      Roamin on cheese bridge was awesome.
    1. axe11154's Avatar
      axe11154 -
      I could not lission because of school but from what I saw the failure was funny
    1. Azimuth's Avatar
      Azimuth -
      You do NOT need a yoshi for that bridge secret! You only need a cape. You never actually need a yoshi at all throughout the game for anything!
    1. Drewbie's Avatar
      Drewbie -
      Rofl loved the episode!
    1. Milamber's Avatar
      Milamber -
      Your laugh's just make it, makes me cry everytime. "So glad I have this Yoshi! O Sh*t" actually nearly died. Keep up the good work guys!
    1. pwnerguy123's Avatar
      pwnerguy123 -
      lol yoshi fail XD roamin
    1. duck?'s Avatar
      duck? -
      You guys jinx yourselves so much. D:
    1. Spooky_E's Avatar
      Spooky_E -
      great episode!

      watching the opening makes me excited about all thats to come!
    1. Facquality's Avatar
      Facquality -
      this is probably my favorite non unforgotten realms show. ever. this is so entertaining
    1. 13thforswarn's Avatar
      13thforswarn -
      Lmfao, this is probably the best episode so far!
    1. ericdude102's Avatar
      ericdude102 -
      lol anyone els look up that lion king thing
    1. Gunmetal Mercy's Avatar
      Gunmetal Mercy -
      That's a good question. Is Roamin just naturally bad at games?