• 2Player: Mario: Part 5

    2 Player: Super Mario World
    Super Mario World: Part 5

    It seemed like Rob and Roamin were stuck in the Forest of Illusion, last episode. Can they find the path to make it out, or will they be stuck there forever?

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    1. Dshez's Avatar
      Dshez -
      All that's on the far side of the lava is a bunch of lives *Like you need those now* and another red boss door only other difference is killing the rhino's takes you to star road.
    1. Jaccer's Avatar
      Jaccer -
      Wow, I'm amazed how easily these have become my favorite things produced by you guys. Awesome job.
    1. Colin Etzel's Avatar
      Colin Etzel -
      uh, shouldn't it be "can they find" rather than "can the find" in the description? XP
    1. nuva500's Avatar
      nuva500 -
      Rob is far too gullible. Another great episode, can't wait for the next!
    1. BurningSwords88's Avatar
      BurningSwords88 -
      If you want to go back to the forest fortress, hold L + R and hit A to go back in. There is a end to the tunnel...