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    Oh hello... I didn't see you there! I heard you are new to the site and clicked that "HEY I'M NEW TO THE SITE LINK". Well let me introduce myself. My names Robert Moran, you can call me Rob. Couple years back I made a show called Unforgotten Realms and slowly over time it evolved into a hobby, a career, and now this website. I love roleplaying games and video games. They are pretty much all I do in life. This website is not meant to be your super professional big boy video website, it's just a place where a gamer makes videos and people watch them. We got a wicked community of nerds too on our forums if your looking for people much like myself.

    So with that little introduction out of the way: Let me introduce you to some shows I do by myself, with my wife "Sugar", with internet friend number one Roamin, and with a slew of other sweet people from the forums. Oh and that Gaary guy. Nobody likes him though.

    This is the flagship show of the site. It's a cartoon about two guys playing a roleplaying table top game like Dungeons and Dragons called Unforgotten Realms featuring a big nerdy guy named Mike and a silly goofball named Rob who has no idea what he's doing. With over 50 episodes to watch (and the first season on DVD!). I aim to release these about twice a month with some breaks every now and then.

    Next we have a little podcast I do with Roamin and Gaary where we basically just have arguements. Lately we been branching into taking a break playing some online games, but we do plan on coming back to arguements for future episodes. We argue about the dumbests things and well it's really hard to explain and better if you just watch. Heres an episode where we argue about the Top Three hardest items for MacGyver to use.

    A more recent show I been doing just for the giggles is called Super Minecraft. I basically downloaded this package of mods for Minecraft 1.2 (Check out the forums if you want to follow progress on the new modpack) that had a lot of new features in it. Well it turned out to be pretty entertaining so I decided to just do a little "Let's Play" it's a bit different then most Let's Plays you'll see in the sense that this game royally beats me into the ground over and over.

    After some GRR Specials, me and Roamin really liked the idea of doing some "Lets Play" to some retro video games or more so to just some two player style video games. If you wanna see two guys play video games and laughing none stop at the others faults then you might find this kind of stuff entertaining!

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      I didn't get logged in automatically for some reason and noticed the link sitting there, and I was surprised at the amount of work you put into this page, Rob. Hopefully this should expand the community, and maybe get us some more intelligent people on the forums!
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      I'll bet Sugar helped out :)
      Not that Rob is lazy or anything; I'm not saying that at all! He plays videogames all the time, just for us! What a hard worker!