• GRR: Magicka: Part 5

    GRR Podcast: Episode Eighteen
    Magicka: Part Five
    Rob, Roamin, and Gaary... well you know the drill!

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    1. Sethar123's Avatar
      Sethar123 -
      First. And crazy as usual dudes. Keep it up!
    1. Steve's Avatar
      Steve -
      God dayum almost forgot about this
    1. Renikor's Avatar
      Renikor -
      It's alive! :O
    1. Ravenhall's Avatar
      Ravenhall -
      Fellow ship of the machine gun
    1. Drewbie's Avatar
      Drewbie -
      Yess! I've been waiting for this one.
    1. Flying_Panda's Avatar
      Flying_Panda -
      I can't wait 'till you guys find Thunderstorm, that would be amazing xD.
    1. _Dana's Avatar
      _Dana -
      This episode was brought you by: Zeus Electrics - Lightning at your fingertips, and US Department of Defense.
    1. whitetiger379's Avatar
      whitetiger379 -
      One gun to rule them all...
    1. Wes1180's Avatar
      Wes1180 -
      Wonder what happens when you enchant the gun
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      Heh... All will bow down before the Dark Lord and his Gun of Power!
    1. Unikorn Anarkyh's Avatar
      Unikorn Anarkyh -
      I Missed Magicka!
    1. kijikoji's Avatar
      kijikoji -
      rob used magic missile.