• Roleplay: Episode II

    Roleplay: Episode II
    Sticky Fingers in the Inn

    Roamin decides it would be best to head to the Inn to see if there are any rumors around town and if the Inn keeper has any supplies for their journey ahead. Only it seems all the supplies are... missing?

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    1. Uberlord's Avatar
      Uberlord -
      2 minecraft releases in one night? So happy!
    1. Lucky13's Avatar
      Lucky13 -
      thank you you cured my boredom xd
    1. Cloud's Avatar
      Cloud -
      "Sorry, this episode is temporarily unavailable." :(
    1. _Dana's Avatar
      _Dana -
      I was just going to bed, but screw that ! God damn Roleplay awaits !
    1. Cloud's Avatar
      Cloud -
      I had to go and watch this with a different web browser, but it was worth it. I hope there's one episode of this series released a day! Haha.
    1. Rekarn's Avatar
      Rekarn -
      Wait..Why does it say Roamin and Gaary are played by the same person?
    1. SirSchmoopy's Avatar
      SirSchmoopy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rekarn View Post
      Wait..Why does it say Roamin and Gaary are played by the same person?
      They aren't they have the first same names however which is why neither of them are called Brian pretty much ever.
    1. wutermelons's Avatar
      wutermelons -
      oh noes, the episode is temporarily unavailable
    1. majormajor's Avatar
      majormajor -
      may i say ive seen every u realms show in about two days and watch super minecraft right after and then wacht all of you grr podcast but man this is sure to be the funniest stuff yet
    1. BanditoWalrus's Avatar
      BanditoWalrus -
      Watch, their gonna get there, and find 58 bandits.
    1. Drewbie's Avatar
      Drewbie -
      Amazing as always!
    1. Wes1180's Avatar
      Wes1180 -
      Can't wait for more
    1. Guybrush's Avatar
      Guybrush -
      Definitely can't wait for more. Also, if I could, like, play an NPC or something... PM me or whatever. Thanks!
    1. Ultramarine 475's Avatar
      Ultramarine 475 -
      I love this SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. SpaaaceMehreens's Avatar
      SpaaaceMehreens -
      Welp, this is ing amazing.