• 2Player: Mario: Part 11

    2 Player: Super Mario World
    Super Mario World: Part 11

    This is the last video of the Super Mario World episodes. Roamin and Rob finish up those Super levels and finally get down with Bowser!

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    1. Grimdrome's Avatar
      Grimdrome -
      Just what I needed right now great timing
    1. Renikor's Avatar
      Renikor -
      Nooooo I don't want it to be over </3
      Pokemon next plox? :DDD
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      RandomGuy44 -
      yay a new 2 player!
    1. Press B to Jump's Avatar
      Press B to Jump -
      OMG Perfect, Same!^^
    1. HoraceTheHorse's Avatar
      HoraceTheHorse -
      Quote Originally Posted by Renikor View Post
      Nooooo I don't want it to be over </3
      Pokemon next plox? :DDD
      They're still uploading Donkey Kong.
    1. CoalApple's Avatar
      CoalApple -
      Everyone knows whats a BFG in doom..
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      Quote Originally Posted by CoalApple View Post
      Everyone knows whats a BFG in doom..
      Uh... No. Not at all.
      (Ex: me. What is it?)
    1. korengar's Avatar
      korengar -
      Congratulations guys! I have to admit, I don't think I could have ever had the perseverance to beat that game. P.S. Getting the Doom reference made me feel special :)
    1. korengar's Avatar
      korengar -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tolvan View Post
      Uh... No. Not at all.
      (Ex: me. What is it?)
      Doom was one of the original really popular first person shooters. The BFG was basically the super end all death to everything gun (think the rocket launcher in a Resident Evil game but with energy bolts).
    1. Groundbold's Avatar
      Groundbold -
      gj guys hilarious as all the others and nice 1 shot roamin on bowser
    1. Milamber's Avatar
      Milamber -
      Great Finale now onto the Death Montage ^^
    1. Lionexx's Avatar
      Lionexx -
      Hey! I understood both of those comment's!

      I miss SI :( And OF RvR....Good times good times.
    1. hkplayer's Avatar
      hkplayer -
      lolz i'm sure u guys know this by now but the reason u haven't seen some of the enemies at the end is when u beat the game 100% u change the color of the land and enemies change as well like for example the koopa's shell's become large mario heads
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