• Roleplay: Episode VI

    Roleplay: Episode VI
    Gaary VS The Wall

    Our heroes finally enter the task dungeon, and its not 10 steps in that Roamin and Shay run into their first set of opponents... and Gaary, well, he runs into a wall.

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    1. Zocan's Avatar
      Zocan -
      i love this series xD
      love the meta in it as well, keep it up guys :D
      ... and Shay
    1. Terezar's Avatar
      Terezar -
      And Gaary shoots himself in the face......for some reason I feel that I am less surprised than I should be
    1. _Dana's Avatar
      _Dana -
      Haha, I said that Jewknight will rise from the dead, and so he did !
    1. Reaprar's Avatar
      Reaprar -
      The image file here links to episode VI, the title does not.
    1. Renikor's Avatar
      Renikor -
      Image takes to the last episode, but otherwise, good job :)
    1. Drewbie's Avatar
      Drewbie -
      Another awesome episode!
    1. Subverto's Avatar
      Subverto -
      It's going to ruin this whole show for me if I don't hear someone say, "Alright.. I wanna cast a spell.."
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      ...Can't you even kill ONE skeleton before the end of these overly short episodes?!?

      Oh, and Subverto, I agree.

      Edit: All your videos lately have been very long, except for these. I know everyone's always asking this, but why are these so short?
    1. Roamin's Avatar
      Roamin -
      I think I say it at some point but I've been trying not to since I don't want to dip into his jokes so I can maintain my high brow comedy.
    1. Subverto's Avatar
      Subverto -
      roamin, your "pffff" and gaary's shenanigans are great comedy XD
    1. Milamber's Avatar
      Milamber -
      Good episode, couldnt Shay cast heal on the skeletons and do Holy damage to them?
    1. hgNumb's Avatar
      hgNumb -
      which is the show that has jeweknight?
    1. hgNumb's Avatar
      hgNumb -
      in a different show
    1. mining1155's Avatar
      mining1155 -
      i got such a saaadface when i saw that the ep was 13:38 mins long :(
    1. icastflare's Avatar
      icastflare -
      Sorry, we cannot play this episode. How do you fix this? I like REALLY wanna watch this :(
    1. Sugar's Avatar
      Sugar -
      Quote Originally Posted by icastflare View Post
      Sorry, we cannot play this episode. How do you fix this? I like REALLY wanna watch this :(
      All up on BruceWillakers youtube. Here is 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPdhLsGnXAc