• Super Minecraft: Episode 16

    Super Minecraft with Rob: Episode Sixteen
    Press Your Luck

    Getting lost in the mine is fun when you find things you've never seen before... unless you're out of wood, out of food, and out of luck. Then its just scary.

    Modpack used in this Minecraft movie he mentioned: [Link]
    Never played Minecraft? Check it out! [Link]
    Forums to chat about Super Minecraft and this Mod: [Link]

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    1. Uberlord's Avatar
      Uberlord -
      What kind of sandwich was that?
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      You said you were safe... AND YOU DIDN"T IMMEDIATELY GET KILLED?!?!? What's with that?
    1. Gikaru's Avatar
      Gikaru -
      I just loved how every time you said you were going to fish, you left the water to go mine for stuff. XD
    1. Drewbie's Avatar
      Drewbie -
      I made a sandwich after this episode.
    1. omruler13's Avatar
      omruler13 -
      one of the best.
    1. NatePatClark's Avatar
      NatePatClark -
      What is the song at 8:00? I always hear it on Super Minecraft but I do not know the name.
    1. 13thforswarn's Avatar
      13thforswarn -
      That was pretty intense. The digging underneath the mobs actually really smart.
    1. the_doubleyou's Avatar
      the_doubleyou -
      I absolutely loved the very last song that was playing, what was it?
    1. notincompliance's Avatar
      notincompliance -
      I don't often use the word 'epic', but this most certainly qualifies.
    1. misterprickly's Avatar
      misterprickly -
      Rob should change the skin of the character so it looks like Sir Shmoopy... Not Link.
    1. Thelonelycow's Avatar
      Thelonelycow -
      Quote Originally Posted by the_doubleyou View Post
      I absolutely loved the very last song that was playing, what was it?
      hmm .. well the very last song i think was from one of the harry potter movies ... *the new ones .. last or second last ? and the song before that was from pirates of the Caribbean. hope i helped
    1. Yunoface's Avatar
      Yunoface -
      Is there a crafting sheet for this mod anywhere?
    1. Terezar's Avatar
      Terezar -
      I suddenly want a sandwich

      Also, one way I make sure I never get lost is that when I place torches, I ONLY do it on the right hand side of the wall, so I know if there are torches on teh left, I am heading out, as opposed to further in.
    1. kuokkavieras's Avatar
      kuokkavieras -
      Thanks for video, those are so good.
      Good minecraft videos are so rare
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
    1. Fishzone's Avatar
      Fishzone -
      Ive been waiting patently for your next super minecraft, when will it be posted?