• GRR Podcast: Super Hero Quiz

    GRR Podcast: Episode Twenty
    Super Hero Quiz
    Rob finds a quiz about Super Heroes, and Roamin and Gaary are asked questions to find out what sort of Super Hero they would be!

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    1. WGMindless's Avatar
      WGMindless -
      Finally! New GRR episodes! :D
    1. HoraceTheHorse's Avatar
      HoraceTheHorse -
      Does rob live in london canada?
    1. Magi Zosimos's Avatar
      Magi Zosimos -
      Romain 55% robin AND Catwoman!
    1. Hackerbee's Avatar
      Hackerbee -
      (Gi)Antman beats his wife... Can't think of anyone else off the top of my head though
    1. Captain_BALTH's Avatar
      Captain_BALTH -
      WOAH. Roamin has wife and a kid?!
    1. MgsTheFury's Avatar
      MgsTheFury -
      will we be able to download the audio of this? like to other podcasts?
    1. syidas's Avatar
      syidas -
      Pretty awesome how you guys have a lot in common with your viewers, or at least me =).
    1. superstuff's Avatar
      superstuff -
      just sayin, spider-man is AWSOME!!!!!!! just play spider-man web of shadows and it shows how AMAZING he is.
    1. Taran Halket's Avatar
      Taran Halket -
      Where did you find this quiz?
    1. Nabilat's Avatar
      Nabilat -
      Robin probably wears a thong...
    1. Fireviper's Avatar
      Fireviper -
      Oh man this was extremely hilarious.
      I also didn't know Rob lived like so close to myself in Canada, I live in Crystal Beach, Ontario.
    1. WyattTheCow's Avatar
      WyattTheCow -
      Quote Originally Posted by superstuff View Post
      just sayin, spider-man is AWSOME!!!!!!! just play spider-man web of shadows and it shows how AMAZING he is.
      That game wasn't that great IMHO...Spiderman 2 the game ftw.
    1. Terezar's Avatar
      Terezar -
      Quote Originally Posted by HoraceTheHorse View Post
      Does rob live in london canada?
      yes, yes he does
    1. Sylfar's Avatar
      Sylfar -
      Funny as always. Glad to see a new episode of the GRr Podcast! =D
    1. Milamber's Avatar
      Milamber -
      Roamin would be the funniest father of all time.
    1. Agent Trap's Avatar
      Agent Trap -
      this is actually my favorite GRR show. This actually gives us some of the back story of roamin, garry and rob. You could make the an entire series of childhood stories and it would be my favorite thing on the site.
    1. ArthurCrane's Avatar
      ArthurCrane -
      more podcast!!!!!!
    1. Standokan's Avatar
      Standokan -
      "do you get in many physical fights with girls?" that's gotta be a horrible superhero

      EDIT: like the Comedian from the Watchmen
    1. Piemonkey321's Avatar
      Piemonkey321 -
      Strange, I did this quiz just Yesterday, and now this is posted up here!
    1. Undertoad's Avatar
      Undertoad -
      What the hell is wrong with Roamin's mic anyways? Cuz I used to know a guy named Manny who had a mic like that. He was very annoying. lol