• 2Player: Terraria: Part 1

    2 Player: Terraria
    Terraria: Part 1

    Rob and Roamin take charge in the world of Terraria, a game that plays like a cross from Zelda 2 and Minecraft! Watch them kill zombies, dig holes, and collect loot!

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      Bobby16may -
      inb4minecraft fanboys
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      Danish -
      Just started playing this game with a friend as well, its very fun and I look forward to these videos!
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      justified -

      I not minecraft its Maple story no one gets that
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      cunninglinguist -
      just in case you didnt know, monsters will spawn if the backdrop is mud or empty, it has to be wood or better, this applies above ground so when you build your base you need to make a back wall for them or else they dont count as houses and monsters will still spawn
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      Erkrez -
      Oh no now you two tease me with this game I can't have too.
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      alphabet -
      the power of fire!
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      Nemeth555 -
      Best ending quote ever.
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      medicman -
      can every one who has it get on and we can have like a big pvp war like the colors are teams just an idea for awsome videos
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      Renikor -
      It's so mainstream!D:<
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      thezee -
      I love Rob's "Oh shit! It's a kijidiji..." at 14:20 ^^
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      g4dd3n -
      rob dont leave tree stumps
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      justan9000 -
      OMFG and lol i was just watching this on seananers youtube channel and decided to see if anything was new here and i see this and pokemon lol.
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      Piefrenzy -
      Very fun game. I have it myself. My firneds think its lame because they're dumb. Glad you guys were playing. I actually checked to see if you were and if you weren't I was gonna make a post on the forums. Also, wait until you get to a dungeon. Insanity follows.

      Make sure to have a wooden background so you can not have stuff spawn in the house. (Im sure you don't need this info because you made this the day it came out but I'm going to post it anyways.)
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      Admiral Taco -
      Stop lighting people on fire you monsters
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      Lokik -
      Quote Originally Posted by justified View Post

      I not minecraft its Maple story no one gets that
      It is Minecraft. Their's mining and crafting. Just sidescrolling.
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      _Dana -
      Its based of Dig Dug !
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      Oa ky -
      I nearly had a heart attack when i saw you guys were doing this.
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      Zero_Awakening -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nemeth555 View Post
      Best ending quote ever.
      definitely right about that!
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      Hazzy -
      was thinking of buying this is the better than minecraft?
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      Caridin -
      I just sent you guys a bunch of tips

      Hope you use them in the later episodes