• Super Minecraft: Episode 18

    Super Minecraft with Rob: Episode Eighteen
    Robert the Explorer

    Rob goes back to his base to fix it up and craft new things. He then proceeds to take a boat to unexplored territory in an attempt to find a brand new mine!

    Modpack used in this Minecraft movie he mentioned: [Link]
    Never played Minecraft? Check it out! [Link]
    Forums to chat about Super Minecraft and this Mod: [Link]

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    1. DangerIce's Avatar
      DangerIce -
      Yay! Another episode of Super Minecraft =D
    1. Erkrez's Avatar
      Erkrez -
      What's the song you play at the end and when the polar bear dances? I love it :D
    1. Blindstar's Avatar
      Blindstar -
    1. kudoii's Avatar
      kudoii -
      Why cant I watch this....
    1. Ryorid's Avatar
      Ryorid -
      I almost jumped () at the creeper that was just outside of your door.
    1. g4dd3n's Avatar
      g4dd3n -
      lolololololololololololololollolololololz great ending
    1. airman538's Avatar
      airman538 -
      bones aren't as useless as rob thinks he can use the dye to instantly grow saplings and in 1.4 and beyond he can tame wolves with bones
    1. Reaprar's Avatar
      Reaprar -
      Clicking the image here leads to a 404 error, just letting you guys know.
    1. IllusionMan's Avatar
      IllusionMan -
      No it doesn't, I clicked the picture to get here and could still watch the video.
    1. Bentendowhis's Avatar
      Bentendowhis -
      I'm noticing that you have quite a lot of Sonic Adventure music in your playlist, Rob. Oh boy, that game has great music...
    1. dimondmine2's Avatar
      dimondmine2 -
      wait, you have two stacks of iron... and you dont made iron armor?...
    1. Redchris55's Avatar
      Redchris55 -
      what the hell is firestone ore its not in minecraft
    1. dungeonmaster's Avatar
      dungeonmaster -
      rob how did you get the mod pack to work i cant keep meta-inf deleted it just re downloads can you tell me how to get this to work please?
    1. Xavier Thorne's Avatar
      Xavier Thorne -
      Quote Originally Posted by Redchris55 View Post
      what the hell is firestone ore its not in minecraft
      This is modded.