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    Previous Votes: 0

    2. LEGO Universe
    Previous Votes: 21

    3. Flyff
    Previous Votes: 3
    Fantasy MMORPG

    4. Dungeons and Dragons Online
    Previous Votes: 12

    5. Mabinogi
    Previous Votes: 7
    Fantasy MMORPG
    Comments 23 Comments
    1. bob2244's Avatar
      bob2244 -
    1. wowman's Avatar
      wowman -
    1. Bobbunny's Avatar
      Bobbunny -
    1. Yunoface's Avatar
      Yunoface -
      Team Fortress 2
      That'd be so fun!
    1. Zemran's Avatar
      Zemran -
    1. SirSchmoopy's Avatar
      SirSchmoopy -
      You guys and your TF2.
    1. Brightzide's Avatar
      Brightzide -
      Erm...Im gonna have to go with Lego Universe.
    1. Ruthen's Avatar
      Ruthen -
      This one is tough... I would like to say something else, but I want really want them to do some thing with more color in it so I will have to go with Mabinogi
    1. Grimdrome's Avatar
      Grimdrome -
      While I love tf2 I can't imagine it would be all that great because of the limited number of people and vast size of this community. I mean you got like what? Over 1000 views on that drink night stream?
    1. The Hawk's Avatar
      The Hawk -
      Lego was the shit when I was a kid, because it could be anything ...
    1. Imtehleetsauce's Avatar
      Imtehleetsauce -
      TF2 just because doing a MMORPG f2p sounds like a hassle.
    1. Billabo's Avatar
      Billabo -
      TF2 is repetitive, has a limited number of players, and so many people play it all the time anyway... and I don't really like the game itself :P

      Whereas the other ones I have never played but have been mildly interested in playing, especially D&D Online.
    1. Fr3g0s's Avatar
      Fr3g0s -
      I'm going for team fortress 2. Actually I'm voting that because I've never played the other ones and therefor don't know if I can run them all cuz my pc sucks
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      Lego Universe-only game I have an account on...
    1. RandomBounty's Avatar
      RandomBounty -
      Lego Universe, just for shits and giggles.
    1. Max2744's Avatar
      Max2744 -
      lego universe
    1. Overlord's Avatar
      Overlord -
      mabinogi or lego uni
    1. dittotom's Avatar
      dittotom -
      what is vent info i want in on tf2
    1. Lavawalker's Avatar
      Lavawalker -
      Lego Universe :3
    1. Kwagamon's Avatar
      Kwagamon -
      TF2 all the way!
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