• Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story

    Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story

    The story of Jimmy and his best friend, Mojache, as they venture into the Burning Crusade.

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    1. Kaytaylol's Avatar
      Kaytaylol -
      This is amazing.
    1. Billabo's Avatar
      Billabo -
      This is what brought me to Unforgotten Realms, back at the original 6th episode
    1. Dragonydas's Avatar
      Dragonydas -
      I watched this before I even knew that Unforgotten Realms existed. Saw it on warcraftmovies.com and it was just... amazing. I think it got an award or something as well. Still, once I found that Rob had made this, I was stunned. Awesome work.
    1. hgNumb's Avatar
      hgNumb -
      jimmy ever coming back?
    1. Sylfar's Avatar
      Sylfar -
      After all the hours I logged in WoW, years of building up characters, collecting gear, running raids, grinding for epics, then deleting them all and permanently quitting, finding this video was the lone reason I don't regret playing WoW.

      Rob, if I knew you in person, I wouldn't mind dressing up like an Unforgotten Realms character, standing outside in the blistering cold, to promote the great content here on urealms.com. If I had never played WoW, I'd never find this. If I never found this, I'd never found Unforgotten Realms. If I never found Unforgotten Realms, I have no idea where I would be today. Thank you, Rob, for being so epic.

      ~XOXO, Jacob Pinmissile, Esq.
    1. dungeonmaster's Avatar
      dungeonmaster -
      Quote Originally Posted by Billabo View Post
      This is what brought me to Unforgotten Realms, back at the original 6th episode
      i started when they where on flash portal...with the first episode and all the classics i cant remember what ever happened to flash portal
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