• 2Player: Uniracers

    2 Player: Uniracers

    Gaary joins Rob in this 2Player to do some serious racing on unicycles. Its seriously crazy!

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    1. Jack The Brave's Avatar
      Jack The Brave -
      awesome, 2player with Gaary :P
    1. Hazzy's Avatar
      Hazzy -
      Welcome back Gaary we missed you!
    1. Scoochi's Avatar
      Scoochi -
    1. Cpt.Tazer's Avatar
      Cpt.Tazer -
      oh cool, gaary is here
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      yay gaary!
    1. DEADLY68's Avatar
      DEADLY68 -
      Where's roamin ?
    1. ericdude102's Avatar
      ericdude102 -
      when he said gaary i thought he made a mistake... but he didnt
    1. Piemonkey321's Avatar
      Piemonkey321 -
      Oh thank you guys! I was just about to buy it, now I see it's awful!
    1. Inatervo's Avatar
      Inatervo -
      I used to love this game as a kid! For the tricks you could do a roll, which we saw many of here, twists, which Rob started doing later on, and flips, which rotate toward/away from the screen. If you combine them you get tons of points and speed. The different colours of the track indicate what kind of obstacle is coming up to make up for the tiny vision and high speeds, like the red and orange was typically followed by that purple goo. They should've gone to 2P mode. VS is for like tournaments and the loser switches out every race, which is why they had to re-pick the challenger.
    1. Colin Etzel's Avatar
      Colin Etzel -
      !?... my name was on that list of racers....Also this was awesome.
    1. SMS00's Avatar
      SMS00 -
      Well thats nice that your doing some game/videos with just Gaary. Felt like he was kinda left out.
    1. nate30030's Avatar
      nate30030 -
      At first I was like wow, Roamin's voice sounds more mature. Then I realized it was Gaary. And then I realized I called Gaary mature.
    1. chrisde12's Avatar
      chrisde12 -
      This game is not Gaary approved.
    1. DEADLY68's Avatar
      DEADLY68 -
      If roamin's dead I'll roll a res GOD DAMN IT
    1. MetalDragon's Avatar
      MetalDragon -
      Quote Originally Posted by DEADLY68 View Post
      If roamin's dead I'll roll a res GOD DAMN IT
      Resurecting someone is a free action you don't have to roll to res
    1. Fang2k10's Avatar
      Fang2k10 -