• Urealms Community Holiday Special

    Unforgotten Realms Community
    Chrlstmas Holiday Special

    Its an Unforgotten day with the whole community, packed with loads to do and see. Spend the day playing games with Rob or watching him play through some of his favorites. As the afternoon wears off, Rob will take a break and show the newest Unforgotten Realms, Episode 51! As the sun sets; get ready to get your drink on for Drink Night! Gaary, Roamin, and Shay will make an appearance for some Roleplay and after that, the three men will continue on with a GRR podcast. Its a whole day you won't want to miss!

    Keep reading to take a glance at the whole day's schedule!

    [URealms Special]
    Noon: TF2
    1pm: Terraria
    2pm: League of Legends
    3pm: Peter P
    4pm: Dwarves vs Zombie
    5pm: Magic the Gathering
    6pm: Pokemon Snap Stories
    6pm: Unforgotten Realms Episode 49 to 51

    [Drink Night]
    7PM: Intro and Video (Gaary, Roamin, and Shay)
    7PM: Xmas Video
    8PM: Roleplay
    10PM: GRR Podcast
    11PM: Drunken Starcraft 2 Casts
    Finish the Night: SC2 Custom Games we get bored of L4D2

    * Schedule is subject to change.

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    1. Awoho's Avatar
      Awoho -
    1. ulsuspect's Avatar
      ulsuspect -
      I agree totally Sweat!
    1. W1LG3R's Avatar
      W1LG3R -
      Rob must have read my post in the xmas wishes thread. Best early xmas present ever!
    1. Zemran's Avatar
      Zemran -
      Wouldn't miss it for the world.
    1. Leonzo's Avatar
      Leonzo -
      wait, wait, wait, wait... A new Roleplay, a new GRR podcast, a new Urealms, the second Drink night, and Super Minecraft 2? I think I speak for everyone when I say I have creamed my fan boy pants.
    1. Huyurugu's Avatar
      Huyurugu -
      I'll be driving, but i'm hoping to set up some kind of tether from my phone so I can watch on my way home. If not, have fun without me everyone!!
    1. happypasta's Avatar
      happypasta -
      This is all going to be done on twitchtv right?
    1. SMS00's Avatar
      SMS00 -
      *claps* It's everything I wanted! :'D
    1. firebird's Avatar
      firebird -
      best present EVER
    1. _Dana's Avatar
      _Dana -
      I hope it all will be recorded, for us time-zone impaired folk.
    1. Rokun's Avatar
      Rokun -
      Rob! for the sc2 games i suggest playing Star Strikers!
    1. W1LG3R's Avatar
      W1LG3R -
      I'll get dad to give me one of his 2 SC2 free trials that came with the game.
    1. misterprickly's Avatar
      misterprickly -
      Awesome!I was only expecting UR#51 but not all this!I can't wait to hear the podcast and see the xmas video.Big thanks to Rob and the gang; I hope you all have happy holly-daze!
    1. Billabo's Avatar
      Billabo -
      My final final ends at 12:20, so I'll get back just in time for Terraria, but I have to drive home at some point!
    1. Piefrenzy's Avatar
      Piefrenzy -
      Glad they are doing Terraria, because the game is hard as heck now in hardcore mode.
    1. Matches's Avatar
      Matches -
      It would be sweet if someone would buy them Cobalt, Mojang's new game, to see if they could squeeze that in there somewhere.
    1. ericdude102's Avatar
      ericdude102 -
      This was the greatest thing ever!
    1. Electromagnet's Avatar
      Electromagnet -
      Had to miss it. When will the episode and podcast be out for the rest of us?
    1. happypasta's Avatar
      happypasta -
      Quote Originally Posted by Electromagnet View Post
      Had to miss it. When will the episode and podcast be out for the rest of us?
      Well u can see all of the holiday special video at twitchtv
    1. Yokuo's Avatar
      Yokuo -
      Skimmed through stuff, found where Rob said "it's 20 til 7", went back to 6, no URealms located, gave up.