• Make or Break

    For nearly a year Unforgotten Realms has been completely dormant. People would constantly ask me when the next episode is going to come out, or hell any video content, during the time this website has been quiet. But this silence is about to come to an end, and with it will come a ton of video content in the month of November all pertaining to the Unforgotten Realms series.

    Before we get to talking about the upcoming project, I want to be really honest with you guys about how I got to this point in my life because this website is going to be changing. I have also made a personal blog for these types of posts so that I can directly talk to you guys in the future, but for now let's go back a bit to explain how I got here. Most of you were introduced to Unforgotten Realms from Escapist magazine, Newgrounds, or you may have come to this website because of some of my other works. Well, the story goes that when I worked for Escapist Magazine, I was producing nearly an episode a week for them for over a year. When the Escapist had to start cutting back, Unforgotten Realms left the site. There was a big outreach from the community to continue it and I attempted to sell DVDs to cover the cost of making the show. We didn't make enough. The problem with a show like Unforgotten Realms is while it was fairly popular, making one fairly popular video a week was not enough to pay the rent. So instead I opted to try and do Unforgotten Realms and produce a bunch of other easy to make video content for you guys. Two Player, Edevs, Roleplay, Super Minecraft, Stream Time, as well as a bunch of community projects were all pretty popular, but again it wasn't paying bills and every month I was spending more then I was losing. It was about this time last year that I decided it was time to be done with the internet business. If I'm barely getting by now, how will I ever pay off school debts? Will I live in a crappy apartment in 'you're going to get shanked at night' city? (You stream watchers hear those sirens every time I stream!) What will I do 5 years from now? 10 years from now? This kinda internet career is new and unstable. Lots of people making a living off the web, but for most of them the pay checks can be all over the place and going full time with it is really risky unless you can live really, really, cheap.

    So I called my Dad. I'm 25 years old and at this point I'm starting to feel like a failure. I could dump my heart into these projects, but most of them are all small niche projects. Like, guys, Unforgotten Realms is a parody cartoon of Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying. There is a demographic for it, but lets be realistic here. It's still pretty niche. So here I am talking to my father and finally we get down to 'what am I going to do next'? Just grab another 9/5 again? Maybe go back to school?

    He asks me the question of "In five years, in a perfect world, what would you want to be doing?".

    What would I want to be doing? I don't really know.

    "Perfect world. You can do anything you want. Your dream job. What would you want to be doing if everything had gone your way in life?"

    I sat there for five seconds before I got the biggest grin on my face and jokingly said "Arguing with three other game developers why Bards are still insanely overpowered at a video game company."

    A game developer. That's what I wanted to be. Most of you know this, but somehow I just lost my way. Many years ago when I was still a college kid living in my moms basement, I found making cartoons and getting paid to do so and before I knew what was good for me, here I was in my mid 20's nowhere near where I wanted to be. My dad and I talked for a couple hours, got back together another night or two to talk some more. It would be completely irresponsible of me to take my savings account; you know the money you save for a house, a car, a kid, and put it towards a year of developing a pipe dream, but for some reason I had a Dad who just told me to go all in. "If you don't do it, you'll spend the rest of your life wishing you f*cking did" was about what he said. I'm pretty sure he didn't say f*cking, but anytime I ever try to remember quotes from the guy I always feel like it's not as impactful unless he has a beard, cigar, a mouth full of sea pirates.

    "But if this fails," said the fatherly pirate. "If this fails... If you can't make it work... Then you move on."

    So that is what I did. That is what I been doing. Writing, planning, programming Unforgotten Realms. I knew from the start I would have to do a kickstarter, but I wanted to commit myself 100% before I came to the community for money. Man I hate begging. I have a tough skin when it comes to feedback, but it still stings when you see that one comment in 1000 about how you're a sellout. People might wonder why you do something in secret, but like I have said in the past, it is just better to show your work then talk about your work. However, with that said, next month I'mma do a whole lot of talking and showing of my work. If you have read this far, I am amazed at your passion for my work. I myself would never read this big wall of sappy "Woe is me", because in the end I am super lucky to have a fan base as big as you guys anyway. The kickstarter will be coming at the end of October, early November as we finalize a couple things and just get overall ready for a month of hype. I really can't express in words how excited I am to talk to you guys about Unforgotten Quest. This game is so many, many, many things, but at the end of the day it's going to be like a 80 hour episode of Unforgotten Realms and that's if you skip over all the reading in it! If you love this show please support this kickstarter, and I don't just mean 15 bucks. I need you guys to talk about this. I need you to make forum posts, show it to your friends, your wow guild, reddit posts, facebook, tell 4chan 'the guy who made splash attack is making a game', everything and anything. Your money will help a lot, but boy, oh boy, do I really need your guys voice for this. This thing is coming, it's gonna be huge, and I will deliver.

    TLDR: Unforgotten Quest. Up to 4 player massive side scroller RPG. Take super Mario Brothers, Diablo, and the humour from Unforgotten Realms. Oh right and did I mention a complete and moddable level editor that requires no programming background to use? Kickstarter next month.

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    1. RyanXIII's Avatar
      RyanXIII -
      Wow Rob, I'll do whatever I can to help out. You make me laugh in middle school and high school. You gave everyone so much. I'll do what I can.
    1. RandomNPC's Avatar
      RandomNPC -
    1. Pushentier's Avatar
      Pushentier -
      I will psych up everyone I know. I know some people who watch the show and don't follow the community too closely.
    1. Rynor's Avatar
      Rynor -
      for the man who has given me the memories of time gnomes, unforgotten realms classic, remade unforgotten realms, 2 player and so much more and been my idole since i was 8. you bet your ass i that i will help in any way possible
    1. SMS00's Avatar
      SMS00 -
      Darn it Rob, UR had always been there for me since the beginning of my D&D career when my friend first showed me it. Since then I've shown all my friends and we've had so many laughs not only at UR, but all your other videos as well. I will do my best to get the word out, to my friends, and on places like DeviantArt. I'd recommend asking Wowcrendor to help as well, mentioning it I a video of his or on the TGS podcast.
    1. 13thforswarn's Avatar
      13thforswarn -
      I wait for the day this game is on the top sellers list on Steam.
    1. SlayerN's Avatar
      SlayerN -
      Sir, my money is yours
    1. SlashFacePalm's Avatar
      SlashFacePalm -
      Awesome. Also, when did you get a "Number of Viewers" counter?
    1. LawiusLorric's Avatar
      LawiusLorric -
      Rob, you had me at "Hello" ;)
    1. Billabo's Avatar
      Billabo -
      I look forward to helping make this project a reality! My whole family watches Urealms, but I am the only one who still regularly visits the site and keeps up on the news, so I'll spread the word!
    1. coolpool2's Avatar
      coolpool2 -
      Wow that was a really good paragraph of writing, maybe you should enter a speech contest or something like that, but I can expect me to get the $25 tier
    1. Wistuffly's Avatar
      Wistuffly -
      For the amount of entertainment you have given me, and many others, the least I can do is try to help you out as much as I can with this.
    1. syidas's Avatar
      syidas -
      I'll donate my first paycheck to you. You made me laugh all throughout high school once I get my Job which is like 200$ a week you will get it all! I will spread the word to as many friends as I have even though its only like 2 haha!
    1. Gurrenprime's Avatar
      Gurrenprime -
      I've been a fan of yours for 6 years and going. You got my brother and I into WoW, I would have never met so many interesting and fun people on the stream. I have spent countless hours watching and rewatching stream vids and your streams helped me through some of the toughest parts of my life this year. Thank you Rob and i'll be more than happy to support a KickStarter for you!
    1. Weird Username's Avatar
      Weird Username -
      I used to be a Super Adventurer, I have the season 1 DVD. I have been a fan of UR for a long time, and have been waiting for UQ for a while as well. I have helped support you then, I will help support you now. I've got some money left over from my summer job. Let's finally make Unforgotten Quest a reality!
    1. anto12894's Avatar
      anto12894 -
      Kickstarter for Unforgotten Quest? Epic man, I will pay what I can to support it. I will spread the word if I can too! Your funny man, if all else fails you have that! Give it your all! (And if you need help along the way, I'll help ya anyway I can, just ask!)
    1. lambboni's Avatar
      lambboni -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rynor View Post
      for the man who has given me the memories of time gnomes, unforgotten realms classic, remade unforgotten realms, 2 player and so much more and been my idole since i was 8. you bet your ass i that i will help in any way possible
      Good to see that I wasn't the only one watching these things when I was so young. It's good to see that at least some of the younger generation is watching this as well
    1. Chilliman's Avatar
      Chilliman -
      All of your shows have been fantastic, I'll support this all the way. Could urealms get a time gnomes end though? that would be cool
    1. notincompliance's Avatar
      notincompliance -
      Exciting times ahead. Let's make this work, people! *Dons "Feel the wrath of Canadian lumber, fool!" t-shirt*
    1. Colbalts's Avatar
      Colbalts -
      Yo man if you need help i'm a c++ programming student so i could lend a hand if you want. Be nice to work with someone that made me laugh for ages