• Big Update about Kickstarter

    The last few days are upon us for the Unforgotten Quest Kickstarter and we're almost there. The support from our community has been insane and we have some announcements we'd like to make to get you guys pumped.

    Weekend Streams and Support
    This project is crazy. The amount of money we are getting per pledge is just insane compared to other projects. You guys have been fantastic, but the word has not gotten to everyone yet about the Unforgotten Quest Kickstarter! We'll be doing two big streams this Friday and Saturday on twitch.tv so get the word out because we just need to get the internet behind this project to make it a reality.

    Name in the Credits!
    Every one of you will have your name in the credits just for pledging, but if you are in the Silver Tier or above and would like to say something (140 characters a la twitter style) and include a little avatar of yourself, you can do so by adding 5 dollars to any pledge you made. This means if you are currently a Become a Sword and would like to just give our project a little extra kick, add 5 bucks to the pledge you are going for. (Remember you can pledge any amount of money and then pick the reward you want, you won't get pushed to another perk unless you choose to do so!)

    Carl's Crazy Deals
    I made a promise to the community that if all seven Carl's Crazy Deals sell, I would design a class on Steam with the community, letting all of us bounce ideas back and forth off each other and voting to see what type of crazy class we would make. If you are at a Diamond Tier bundle and you want to pledge just a bit more to make this happen, I'm sure everyone would be very grateful for your support. (I know I will be!)

    Create a Class
    After talking to the community, we have made this a reality. If you're less interested in building an entire zone of content and more interested in working together with me, we are adding 5 Create a Class perks at 1,500. We are really excited about this opportunity as it now means we could have more than a dozen classes at release with your support. This god tier also includes a Legendary Hero Diamond Bundle as well too make a nice main character for whatever class we build together.

    Stretch Goals
    We are a ways from our stretch goals, but I think it's time to tell you guys all the crazy fun things we'd be planning on doing if we made it, to get you guys excited!

    110k - Game Jam- Due to time constraints of everything we been doing this last month, I never got to take some time off to sit down and build a game with you guys like I wanted to. If we reach this first stretch goal I'll be taking a day in January to sit down and build an entire small multiplayer game and showing you guys exactly how I do it, providing all the art and code to build it yourself as well as with me, to those of you interested.

    125k - Unforgotten Realms Classic Episode 9 - I'll load up all my art assets and make you guys a nice big call back to Unforgotten Realms history. This episode was something I never did as we ending up redoing the entire series, but I have been sitting on the script for years and the old nostalgic UR fans have been telling me for years to make it.

    150k - Community Race - Up until I promised it for Carl's Crazy Deals, making a class with the community was something I wanted to do on stream. As long as we are doing that, if we somehow make it to this goal at the end of the Kickstarter, I'll be making a Race on stream as well from choosing what to make, to drawing, rigging, and making it's animations with the community. I'm almost positive you guys will end up picking Walrus or High Bear though... but who knows what we'll make!

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    1. Sgt. Pepper's Avatar
      Sgt. Pepper -
      Awesome! really looking forward to this!
    1. Tolvan's Avatar
      Tolvan -
      Come on 9001k!

      What? Would you rather Rob have 150k or 9001k?
    1. joshed7's Avatar
      joshed7 -
      I'm so glad you guys reached your goal for kickstarter! You guys really deserve it! I'll keep watching and laughing with you the whole ride. Thanks again for all the fun times :)
    1. dittotom13's Avatar
      dittotom13 -
      what type of class do you guys want for the chreate your own class