We Need YOU for Roleplay

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So you couldn't help build a cool town for the show Roleplay, but you still want to help out?!
GREAT, have I got the job for you!

Not only did/do we need help with building the world of Roleplay, but we need help with our NPCs. Rob has a sweet mod that allows him to place NPCs around the world. All the NPCs do is stand there. (They are just that, non-playable characters, not real people.) You've seen them in Roleplay, they are the guards, the townspeople, and even the innkeeper. The only problem is REAL people need to be using the skins.

Rob will simply type some command like /makenpc {Username}, to make an npc. See the {username} is where you come in. If Rob types in your username, an npc that looks exactly like your current skin, will appear! So if you happen to be using a skin Rob needs for an npc, he can make an npc that looks just like you. So, no you won't get to play with us, but you'll be there in spirit! (And this really does help us immensely.)

So how can you get one of these skins? Well, just follow the link here, and read the instructions on how to pick a skin. Its important you read the post and follow the directions, so don't forget to do it!

As a final thought, I'd just like to say I'm really glad to be a part of this community, you guys are great.

Happy Re-Skinning!

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