Slow Weekend

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If you have noticed Roleplay 17 being on the site and then not being on the site, it's because this episode is attempting to drive me nuts. At first it was a simple mistake I did in skipping some footage, but then it moved on to error after error from footage while rendering to footage coming up black after uploading. I found a couple responses about how I should be "Checking" stuff before I release them, but keep in mind that I do, I just can't watch back every single video I upload multiple times! Typically while putting them together I'll watch them and make sure everything is cool, but even then I'll make mistakes. But lately I been having this issue where part of a video is "Black" and it's something to do with the conversion on So apologies if sometimes videos don't work correctly! To make the weekend even worse, we didn't have time to record more Roleplays. Which sucks! We have a couple more episodes from the first time we played, but I'm hoping that this weekend we can finally get some time in to record some more.

Also Unforgotten Realms is on the horizon my friends. Look for it this weekend (unless something else decides to go wrong this week, which knowing this website, it will.) Me and Roamin started Saints Row 2, which was a pretty amazing game so far. We have a Transformers to play as well as some other small things we want to knock out, so expect those in the coming weeks thanks to some of our awesome fans (Treeline and Speedbat!). Also, while Super Minecraft has come to a halt (Don't look at me look at Notch!) we do have the last 3 episodes of me finishing up building my tower in the sky that will be airing this week.

Also, if you haven't seen it already, we did open up a Premium Membership. For 5$ a month, you can get special access to material and videos that have yet to be posted publicly. Think of it as an early access type of thing. Though, I think our Premium Members like to think they beta test videos and make sure we have no mistakes. (Which they do sometimes.)
I've linked the thread below that hashes out most of the details and questions you might have, but you can also go to to get Premium Access.
(Link to post.)

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  1. mastermind's Avatar
    This weekend?

    THANK YOU!!!!

    To prevent disaster, I will use my mental willpower to prevent anything going wrong.
    Thank you for this :)
  2. Reaprar's Avatar thing: I've had this issue also, the only way I've managed to ever fix it is to re-render the video and re-upload.. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer than that.