Week One Round up

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Alright so a little rocky.. but not to shabby! Lots of stuff going on in the forums including a community build taking place tomorrow for the Dungeons and Creepers show. If you got Minecraft, Vent, and a Sunday free drop a post and join the group here on the forums!

Other things going down are the Super Minecraft modpack. The original pack for 1.2 was never updated and some critical mods were just never patched. I also am debating how much I really like "Nightmare mode". While the first 20-30 episodes of Super Minecraft end up being 1.2 with nightmare mode, I'm thinking once I get through all those episodes (I pretty much end in a perfect spot to do this) of just restarting using a 1.3 version of the modpack with a bunch of new stuff. While I don't want to spoil anything for those who been watching all the episodes... lets just say after 30 episodes of Super Minecraft I really don't end up having a lot to show for it and honestly that gets old to both watch and play. While I enjoy the challenge nightmare mod brings, it reduces the game to living in caves or in skies with obsidian walls. I just don't like the idea of the monsters being so broken that I just never stand a chance to build anything in the world. So I'm working a modpack with Unforgotten Realms skins and sounds and if your interested in helping skin the game or test the build for bugs and crashes then check out this forum post here!

Me and Roamin have been going nuts with two player stuff. Right now we are playing through Pokemon Black and White which is a TON of editing work dealing with two different screens, seperate audio and sync issues due to the way the games record video. However that said we have been having a blast and I think these set of videos will be different then the rest. Due to the playtime of Pokemon Black/White, we might end up having something silly like 50 episodes of the show so we most likely will just release one a day until we run the course and while the first couple episodes start off with a lot of fun and laughter it does kinda just break down to two dudes playing Pokemon together. However after playing next to someone for almost 6 hours now, I will honestly say that playing these games with a friend is amazing and if your looking to get Pokemon Black and White you may even want to watch these videos and play along side us because it's a lot of fun playing these games with other people (even if they are just a movie). Me and Roamin also provide super insightful info (we do not provide insightful info, if anything you will be worse at the game). There is a preview of what to expect again in the forums (This time you don't need an account!). So be pumped for that. I may just end up releasing them sooner then expected, but they should be coming out before the end of the month.

Oh boy whats next? Oh Dungeon Hunters. So I found this mod to play with Roamin and Gaary. We called our little mini adventure "Dungeon Hunters" as it felt like it was going to be a little minigame to play with. While the mod is awesome (and I look forward to it expanding on Bukkit and in future versions of minecraft) it did leave much to be desired. Overtime me, Roamin, and Gaary slowly get board with it.. until well.. lets just say this little mini series gets really exciting near the end. I believe there are ten episodes and like everything new around here expect them to be coming out all over the place.

Alright. Thats it right? Thats all the shows I do right? Oh shoot that UNFORGOTTEN REALMS THING. I was hoping to get some time on this episode this week, but with the site going up and a bunch other projects taking it off I just didn't get any time. I promise to get some progress on the next episode this week though because I mean I can't leave the show hanging on for another 6 months after a freaking musical!

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  2. misterprickly's Avatar
    Will we see another season of Super Minecraft with the 1.8 upgrade?

    If so... will it star Sir Shmoopy?
  3. Jaden Torti's Avatar
    It's funny cause you've left the show hanging another 6 months after the musical. xD