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    I don't expect an answer to the friend request i just sent, considering you haven't even friended Romin, but i sent it anyway and hope to get lucky. Anyway, I have plenty of idea for the various shows that you make. I am in show business myself, if i may be so inclined, so i know my way around a good story if the need arrives. I have analized the Unforgotten Realms episodes very throughly, and i think i know what your trying to do with it up to its most current season. It seems to me that what your basing it on is todays pop culture and issues, be they important, or just simple online fads. I am a gamer as well so I can inquire on some gameplay elements that you have included with the show, such as dungeon crafting, and so forth. If none of this sounds good to you, at least respond to this and give me some credit for typing all this up. - Stay Wise, Pinky
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    steve is on fire!!!!! that kolbold is on fire that kolbold lit them on fire XD
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    you know no offense but if you got a appel shuffel dont put it on same computer you wacth videos frm tis site with cuz then it starts going oh you cant wacth this with so and so updates wich cost money wih lilterally tiks me off i wish the ones im most intrested in whold work cuz only somany dont!!!!! sry but still appel has been tikeing me off now i cant wacth sesson 3 of .u.r.
  4. 'Sup Rob. I know it says i just made an account no to long ago but i have been watching your show since about episode 44 first came out and your guy's first Grr podcast. I think that your a genius and an overall funny guy along with everyone else in the cast and crew, but while i was watching you guy's 2 Player stuff and i saw your Pokemon Blaze Black And Volt White. Now i own a copy of the original white for the DS but how do i get it to become a Rom on the computer. I am really confused and i have searched everywhere for the answer and i can't find it so if you coul help me i would be very thankful
  5. Aboot..... that's all I am gonna say have a great day eh! lol :) keep up teh awsome work.
  6. O Mighty One... 'sup! Thanks the incredible series you've made so far, I've thoroughly enjoyed every episode of it! Keep up the good work! On another note, I have to ask you: do you have copyright on, or any real attachment to, the running Lemon Grenade joke you used in the series early in season 2? Because my friends and I were planning on producing a machinima comedy series, and needed a name for our studio. I threw in the term "Lemon Grenade" as an example of the type of random name we were looking for, and they hadn't seen your series and loved the sound of the name! So while I can probably convince them to change their minds and find a new original name for our group, I was wondering if you would have any issue with it. If you had any ideas, that'd make it even better! Anyway, that was all for now! And like my fellow fan who posted the former visitor message, sorry for the length of this message! Cheers, mate!
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    Hey, your 2-Player series inspired me to start a Let's Play series for my video game review site. Only I do the commentaries currently, but my friend that runs the website with me will hop on for some soon. I was just wondering if you could critique it and give me some tips. I've only uploaded one episode so far. If you could help, that's be great. Just pm me and I'll send you the url of the video, or just put the video in the pm. Thanks. And I'm really asking everyone. If anyone would like to critique my work, just pm me. Again, thanks, and sorry for the long visitor message...
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    Why aren't you friends with Roamin?
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    a must watch video about saints row 2
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    Oh and by the way if you do decide to make a minecraft multiplayer server and show other than roleplay, or anything related contact me my minecraft username is in fact OriginShadow
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Slow Weekend

by SirSchmoopy on 06-06-2011 at 04:58 AM
If you have noticed Roleplay 17 being on the site and then not being on the site, it's because this episode is attempting to drive me nuts. At first it was a simple mistake I did in skipping some footage, but then it moved on to error after error from footage while rendering to footage coming up black after uploading. I found a couple responses about how I should be "Checking" stuff before I release them, but keep in mind that I do, I just can't watch back every single video I upload multiple times!

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We Need some Community Love!

by SirSchmoopy on 05-09-2011 at 11:32 AM
So over the course of the last couple weeks here, you have seen us take a site where Unforgotten Realms episodes come out from time time to full bloom something out every single day. In fact most of the time we release more then just one video a day! Overall the community has been really supportive, but also a bit mixed about everything going on. I get emails and pms telling me they love everything, some love only Super Minecraft, some are angry that Roleplay episodes aren't 12 hours long and released

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Roleplay: Trying to DM a group of Monkeys

by SirSchmoopy on 04-07-2011 at 12:15 AM
So this week we started our new little show called Roleplay (such a simple name don't you think?). And while it might look pretty simple and basic, behind the scenes a lot of work went into this project to make it super awesome.

The idea for the show (as you will most likely hear me describe in the "Making of Roleplay" video I'll be putting out in the near future) stemmed from me watching the Yoggcast. I loved their little video series where they were just "Playing" minecraft and

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Witty Wizard

Super Minecraft Mod Pack

by SirSchmoopy on 03-23-2011 at 01:30 AM
So if you been watching Super Minecraft you may be wanting to get your hands on the mods used in it. Unfortunately, all the footage your watching and the next 10 to 15 episodes were all done before patch 1.3 for minecraft was even done! Lucky for you, me and the community here have been putting together an even better modpack!

Our latest changes are high bears and GROUND BOLDS. Watch this little video to see these puppies in action.

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Week One Round up

by SirSchmoopy on 03-20-2011 at 01:29 AM
Alright so a little rocky.. but not to shabby! Lots of stuff going on in the forums including a community build taking place tomorrow for the Dungeons and Creepers show. If you got Minecraft, Vent, and a Sunday free drop a post and join the group here on the forums!

Other things going down are the Super Minecraft modpack. The original pack for 1.2 was never updated and some critical mods were just never patched.

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