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Thread: Best Of: Clip of the Week

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    In on the Terraria episodes you'll see soon enough, Roamin mentions the idea of "clip of the week" and I kinda like that idea. Just a 30 to 60 second clip of something funny me and Roamin did.

    So while we might do this just for fun, there is NO WAY any of us have time to watch all the stuff we make. Keep in mind that if me and Roamin play a game for 5 hours, I'd have to watch it for 5 hours as well (which I just can't afford the time to do!). So if were gonna make this happen it will be up to you dudes to give me the Episode and Time it happens.

    Keep in mind that I don't really care if it happens that week. You can go all the way back to Super Mario Episode 1 if that your favourite part. So find the parts that make you laugh the most so we can have some sweet clips of the week (and stuff I can throw on Youtube to gain more support for the site!)

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    While you don't "Need" to follow this format, this would be most helpful to us!

    Episode: Super Mario World Part 11
    Time: 3:00 to 4:00
    Description: Roamin says something that makes him look like an ass.

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    Unforgotten Realms Episode 1
    From 5:00 to 6:00
    That part is what brought me to watch all your episodes on the escapist and then inevitably to your, at the time, blog. It's when you search for traps and then ends with your grandma telling you to search for traps. Maybe it's a little unimaginative but I thought a "clip of the week" would have to include that.

    Just to clarify I am saying Unforgotten Realms since in this clip it's just the two of you.
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    Episode: Roleplay Episode 12
    Time: 8:00-8:40
    Description: Roamin pushes Shay off the Bridge.

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    Just a guess, since this was mentioned in the 2 Player section of the forums and his example was a 2 Player thing that he's looking for a clip of the week from 2 player.

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    Episode: Dungeons and Dragons (SoM) part 1
    Time: 10:45
    Description: A shield can stop a War Machine, Myth Busted.

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    episode: grr podcast super hero quiz
    time: 10:45
    description:roamin in a thong

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    What if its from an episode that is only out for premium members?

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    I think Clip of the week would be best if it was for all the shows but like I said for my urealms one it was only Roamin and Rob in that clip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhel18 View Post
    What if its from an episode that is only out for premium members?
    Then I obviously won't be picking it for awhile!

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