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Thread: The Fan Art Thread

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    That is exactly how OMW should be seen as in all of our eyes. LONG LIVE WILIKERS!!!!!!!

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    Angry Tiny Schmoopy.

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    I suppose this may not be the greatest time to throw some fanart up in here but what the hey?

    This was done quickly and since I'm lacking a scanner I figured I'd have some fun with instagram. Judge me as you will.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~several months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Back at a working computer, I present to you... Slam Schmoopy of Jammington's just Schmoopy with a basketball but what do you expect? It was late, I was only half inspired and...what fanart have you done lately? Eh? Eh? Nyeh!
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    If I were a human in the Realms of the Unforgotten, I would look like this.

    Only worked on it for 15 minutes, though, so it's not top quality.
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    Little piece I did to try and promote the kickstarter:
    I don't know how to post images on these boards. :(

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    Knight dual wielding shields. Make it happen.

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    Dual-Wielding Shields: For the knight too afraid to fight but too lazy to run away!

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    My character: Kobold Bladepaw

    15-minute sketch in color. Any suggestions? Thumbs up/down?
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    Concept art for Kobold Bladepaw. Come to think of it, I think I would rather be him.

    Still up for feedback.

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    Still more Bladepaw concept art.

    Planning on showing him crouching in a bush with the caption "Quick, let's hide in these bushes."

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