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Thread: Working on Supporting a Super Minecraft Mod

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    Along with the site and all the shows, I have been pushing to get a release build of the Super Minecraft modpack. I have put a ton of time into getting as much stuff into it and balancing it from the orignal pack I had and I'm working to reskin a lot of the mobs to Unforgotten Realms mobs as well as adding some of my vocals to the mobs. (Ogres saying Ogre Sound, Roamin the paladin walking around etc etc)

    However, I am not the best artist and the art for this pack will take a TON of time so if you want to lend a hand in making skins it would go a long way in helping!

    If you want to help making skins download this program designed to make skin making easier!

    Ursa Arkadios and Groundbolds! (Great work guys)

    Heres a list of all the community skins so far:

    Alpha version of the Modpack

    Crafting Recipe Book! (This is still not complete)

    This is the first pack I have thrown together. If you have never messed with minecraft mods, don't bother just yet since this is still an early collab of all the mods. Basically though just clean out your .minecraft folder besides save/screenshots and throw everything from this pack into it. Please post crashes/lag issues etc etc. I am already working a Crafting Article for the site with everything possible to craft in the game from the base items to anything in this mod. I'll post it tomorrow night after I get some more info on it, but even without knowing the recipes you will notice a million different things from your typical game. The creature additions alone will blow your mind just walking around for 15 minutes.

    1.7 Changes
    **If your save file doesn't work it's because mods have been changed! Expect this to happen until a release build is out!**
    -Updated throwing spears which adds a couple new spears (Crafting page not updated)
    -Removed a couple arrows that conflict with new spears and that I also felt were a bit useless/unbalanced
    -Removed Nightmare mode (For testing purposes, near release builds I'll simply support two different versions one with or without)
    -Reduced the Density of the Coral mod. (While this mod is somewhat pointless and adds to the lag load, I wanna keep it because it's just kinda awesome for underwater bases)

    Known Issues
    -Hunchback has not been updated to new model and sounds.

    List of Current Addons
    I'll have links and such once we get further down the line

    API and Systems
    Single Player Commands
    Audio Mod
    GUi API
    Mod Loader
    More Block IDS
    Property Reader
    Tool Utils
    Dungeon API

    Mo Creatures
    Mo Creeps
    Baby Animals
    Neko Catg
    Prefix Skeletons
    Two Insects
    RPG Mobs

    Gameplay Modifers
    Brighter Redstone Torchs
    Buried Treasure
    Crystal Clear Waters
    Items Float
    Ore Saver
    Realistic Bow
    Stackble Throwables

    World Modifers
    Battle Towers
    Biome Caves
    Biome Water
    Coral Reef
    Corruption Block
    World Gen Expanded
    More Trees
    Great Walls

    303 Arrows
    Pluck And Shear
    Scrambled Eggs
    Throwing Spears

    Moved the old patch notes here:

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    Stuff I'm still looking for
    Part of the Super Minecraft pack I'm trying to support is going to have some UR style skins. If anyone wants to take a crack at these it would help out alot! Any NPC character you want would be awesome, there are litteraly like 50+ NPCs that can be thrown into this pack so as many Unforgotten Realm characters as we can make will go a long way!

    There are also some special conversions I want to do Starting with

    Ground bolds: Completed
    Ursa Arkadios: Completed.
    Beggar: Completed

    I still want to change a bunch of the mobs! I'll get around to planning what to do next.

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    I've been playing minecraft for a while, and I'd love to be given some instructions on how to apply the sir schmoopy skin. Thanks!

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    This looks awesome I can't wait I've been looking for a super minecraft mod but the one you are using is v1.2 and I have 1.3 XD.

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    Final Dirge
    Quote Originally Posted by SirSchmoopy View Post
    Current Skins made by the Community!

    Roamin by Ze French Ghost (We used this in a podcast btw!)
    Something I made actually wound up being in a podcast? That is awesome.

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    The Beggar skin I made was a rather poor attempt at converting the Hunchback into the Beggar. I don't know if it would fit the Hunchback.

    In any case, it's also usable as a player skin.

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    Hmm this sounds interesting, I might make something

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    wait what..? But aren't you using the kings mod in SuperMinecraft.

    I mean, how are re-skinning all the mobs and shiz IM SO CONFUSED

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    Quote Originally Posted by CptnWalrus View Post
    wait what..? But aren't you using the kings mod in SuperMinecraft.

    I mean, how are re-skinning all the mobs and shiz IM SO CONFUSED
    The mobs are just PNG files. I can take the PNG files and slap them into the minecraft.jar and bobs your uncle. I'm reskinning the game to make it feel more "Unforgotten Realmsy" and to make everything sort of fit better. Right now everything is just kinda throw together and I'd like to get some consistencey to go with it.

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    I'm not exactly good with this kind of stuff but I think it would be awesome if Shmoopys grandma was an NPC

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