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Thread: NSH Mafia Thread; Tropag's "Nature's Wrath" Mafia WEEK I

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    tiger was trying to figure out if jaccer was mafia by baiting him.

    I'm still suspicious of tim for lynching me after I mentioned a serial killer.

    And you put my name twice in the lynch count mastermind.

    edit: Personally, I think that's a stupid idea anatron.
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    As I stated in the post where I voted to Lynch Bailey, I voted him simply because he was the last to confirm on this thread. But I am developing some suspicions of my own, but I won't post those yet. We'll see if I learned my lesson from the last game, but as it stands for now, I shall not change my vote.

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    I figured you'd be on board with it Bailey, considering that you started it in the first place.

    And, Lotus, that was a mistake on mastermind's part.
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    Just because I said my role doesn't mean I want everyone else to do it.

    Haven't you seen that one mafia game? I think it was the new forumafia, where everyone role claimed. It ended very badly.

    Lotus, I might not have been the last one to confirm. Mastermind saw my post, but forgot to put it in the confirmed list.
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    Actually, unlynch, your roleclaim explains everything. The way you wrote that initially seemed like a thinly veiled threat. It was almost like "I'm the Serial Killer! Lynch me! Lynch me!" You kind of freaked me out a little.
    Reading the subsequent posts, I no longer feel the need to lynch you. Sadly, I have no suspicions of who TO lynch either. Ah well, maybe something will come up.

    /edit Gawdammit Lotus, that ain't no good reason ta lynch nahbody. Lynch Lotus for clearly retarded lynch procedure.
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    So, why should we believe you in the first place Bailey?

    I mean, you weren't lying about your role last time, and you got lynched anyway, but that doesn't mean it won't happen twice.

    You might be mafia using a past game to draw attention away from your real role.

    If we have an Investigator, then you know who to be pointing your PM at if Bailey survives through the next 5 minutes.
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    That I am aware of. Very well Anatron. I'll Unlynch Bailey. If he truly has the role that he claimed, that will be useful, if the mafia doesn't end up killing him on night 1 for roleclaiming. I am quite suspicious of Salsy right now. After about half the number of votes were on Bailey to lynch, he jumped on the lynch with no real reason as of yet, choosing to take the vote off me, which wasn't going anywhere. He could simply be pushing the vote to get the lynch out of the way. (A mafia thing to do as I see it), or selectively waited til the vote was almost finished in order to avoid suspicion.

    Bailey. Don't be mafia, it's just not cool man.
    Editing my Lynch vote again, again.

    Also, FoS Tim. I know him irl, and he tricked me into roleclaiming to him. If he votes for me for any reason, I know he's mafia because it doesn't help for him to vote me if he were townie.

    Lynch Tim
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    Bailey- 2 (Lotus, salsy)
    Tim- 2 (Anatron, Bailey)
    Jaccer- 1 (Whitetiger)

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    I won't die night one, I can talk to the doctor.

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    Good Point.

    I noticed how strange Salsy was acting by posting his lynch and nothing else, but then again, it's Salsy

    He's like this all the time.

    Unlynch Timth33nchan3r; Lynch Salsychinchilla

    EDIT: The Doctor isn't going to be able to protect you forever Bailey. I hope you have a long term plan.

    Unless you're mafia.
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