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Thread: NSH Mafia Thread; Tropag's "Nature's Wrath" Mafia WEEK I

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    Unlynch, Lynch Rise
    My personal objectives can wait until later. I just re-read my night pm, and I believe that Rise might be a cultist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W1LG3R View Post
    Killing elves is in my job description.

    Lynch Kepler.
    Regardless of whether or not that's in your objectives (I know what you are now, thanks) - Should you be lynching someone who just claimed to have a role which can find mafia? No.

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    The sun begins to reach the peak of the sky. The king steps forth for an announcement. "My loyal subjects, it has come to my attention, that there are some less than friendly folk among us. I will be rewarding those who can root out evil amongst our fair civilization! But until then, a feast. In memory of all the time we spent living in peace together."

    Servants begin walking about the room placing food down on everyone's plates. As they finish serving the food and everyone begins to eat, the door to the feasting all bursts open. Whitetiger379 enters the room, patches of his skin covered in wood. Or... are wood. He struggles to get his legs to bend as he crosses the room and takes his seat, prepared to begin his scum hunting. Servants do their best to ignore the deformed state he is in and serve him his share of food. He greedily wolfs it down as though he hadn't eaten all day.

    Having cleaned his plate he opens his mouth to speak.
    "I vote-" He stops as coughs rack his body. He begins to clutch his chest as the coughs worsen.

    After the coughs pass, he sits up and tries to reclaim his aire of confidence. Once again he tries to speak, but instead blood begins to pour from his mouth as he keels over dead.

    whitetiger379 has died. He was a dwarf.

    Noon Cycle 2

    Current votes:
    Rise of Fenix: 1
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    Poison? It all makes sense now...

    Lynch Rise
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    I AM FROM HOLLAND, isn't that crazy?
    Alright Lynch Rise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnatronMan View Post
    No, I mean the Necro. Fuzzy claimed right before you started your game.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
    I was a necromancer. I was going to have so much fun.
    Missed that. But I don't have a necromancer, I don't know what your talking about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaccer View Post
    Anatron, if you ever fail at updating the thread, you shall know what vengeance means.
    Just giving you a fair warning.
    Quote Originally Posted by AnatronMan View Post
    Trust me, I am extremely active on these forums, even when I don't post.

    I won't fall behind.
    Double hypocrisy.

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    I have an odd role, and it includes masonry. if my partner wants to reveal himself he may, and then I will full role claim.

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    Pretty sure Tiger and Rise were Masons, and that Rise either A) Becomes a serial killer now, or B) dies tomorrow.

    Alternatively, Thropian has given each of the three races it's own Cult. Tiger, Goldie, and Rise might all be Cult leaders.

    Also, shut up Bailey.
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    I am a light elf. It says to me that I have to kill all the dark elves.

    My role has no mention of a cult, I just have my allies listed at the bottom.

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