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Thread: Can anyone answer my question?

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    I know that I'm probably going to take on a lot of hate comments for this. Please read the whole post before commenting. Rob has not uploaded a video for nearly two months now. Back when he hadn't uploaded things in a week or so I was tempted to ask why on the forum, but I held back, telling myself he was probably just taking a break or something. But it's now been two months and still nothing. This fact alone isn't what bugs me. Two things bug me. One is that Rob hasn't told anyone why there's this dry spot. Believe me when I say I've looked. I've been through the entire forum, the Urealms Facebook and Twitter. And, although I don't usually watch the stream, I've checked it for a few days to see if anything was going on at all. But it wasn't. The second is that I know for a fact Rob has content that he hasn't put out yet. I don't mind if Rob is taking a break, but I would like to know so i can stop checking the site every day to see if something new is there, and it isn't. Can anyone explain?

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    1. Rob has a job now.
    2. Everything he uploads is in his spare time.
    3. He spends his spare time streaming, and he usually streams at least once a week.

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    I highly doubt you really looked for the answer because in about a minutes worth of time I found Rob's explanation to the forums.

    Here you go:

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    Thank you, I didn't think to look in that thread because I figured it would only have info on episode 51 specifically, and I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I kind of lost hope in that after the 5th time it was pushed back.

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    I honestly don't care. I don't favor Urealms over his PML streaming or some of his other videos. Just as long as he's producing content/connecting with the community, I'm 100% fine with it. Hell, I didn't watch most of his random game streaming when he first started streaming more, but I still didn't mind because at least he was connecting with the community rather than hiding from us or something. Now, the PML is all about the community, with him and Tom commentating, so I really like it (not to mention it's fun to play in it).

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