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Thread: Make me a character and I'll use it.

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    This is a resubmission of my character King Alexander Grizzly.

    I thought I'd clean up the dirty, unorganised character sheet and abridge/change my stupidly long backstory a bit. :3

    This is the last time I'll change it I swear...

    P.S. I love MSPaint.
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    i will try to make more ones that will fit into it without trying to add my own story to the show. hope that they will be done soon
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    How quaint.

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    I feel like such a noob, but can anyone tell me how to put an image in my reply (i.e. my character sheet)?

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    I finally figured out how to post an image!
    Anyway, I love the show and watched all 50 episodes last weekend (back-to-back). As a young film maker, I understand how much work must go into the show and I deeply respect that a lot.
    In any case, I nearly flipped out when I saw this character page and attempted to make one. I hope it's not too extensive, but I tried to stay true to the style of the show.

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    Don't ask how I graduated health class, I dont know either.

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    Here is my sheet,hope you like it,im not so good at drawing on PC,in smaller word i suck :( so i drawed one and made a photo of it :P.Hope you like it.[IMG][URL=]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodmorn Vile View Post
    Sooo sick.

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