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Thread: Almost Time to Talk about it.

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    I have a meeting with some important people and friends this Saturday morning. If everything goes well, I'll most likely start getting ready to talk about the project. For those of you who are interested, I'll give you the low down of what this project is about. It's a 1 to 4 people side scroller co-op RPG. Take the feel of Super Mario World, the item design of an MMO, and the Unforgotten Realms universe and humor. My goal right now is to finish a lot of the core components before I go nuts on the content production. Right now I wish to have a lot to show off this Fall to either get it crowd funded or find an investor to keep me going for another year.

    Whether you like the show for the humor or story, this will be like 100 episodes where you control the main character, yet even if you have never watched an episode of the show you are given a very DEEP co-op RPG which there simply aren't enough of on the internet as me and my friends have found in the past. The quest system is so stupid ingenious that you will want to make alt classes to play through for the sole reason of making another choice.

    Anyway, I can't even begin to express how excited I am to start talking about, doing video blogs, and generally just sharing what the last 2 years have been about for me so far, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs that I have been listening too the last couple months that's still somewhat a WIP, but still gets me pumped.

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    Unforgotten Quest? It belongs in a museum!

    Haha, this should be great. Have you thought about making a kickstarter to fund it?

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    I have been waiting for more information about this since that one time you mentioned it can't wait to hear more :)

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    I've gotta say, this sounds absolutely brilliant.

    Really looking forward to more information on this! Great work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger379 View Post
    Unforgotten Quest? It belongs in a museum!

    Haha, this should be great. Have you thought about making a kickstarter to fund it?
    Yes, but I'm not comfortable trying Kickstarter until I have enough stuff to blow it out of the water.

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    Take my munnies! I can't wait to play. Can I assume that you have more character art done than this list claims?

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    I'm excited, to say the least.

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    The only down side to this is that a bunch of awful people (Dunsparces and Superstuffs, I mean) will play the game and decide to join the forum. Aside from that pessimism, this will quite possibly be the most amazing game ever made. ever.

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    And to think so many people have given up after all this time.

    Is Nathan Allen Pinard involved?

    EDIT: Also, nice timing with the reading and the music playing. Was that deliberate, or just luck on my part?
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    finely some news about the project

    ps: i am so pumped from this music

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