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The Skeleton King

Bopen the Skeleton King is a childhood story that most believe to still just be merely a story. No one seriously takes the idea of an all powerful Ageless pirate king plundering the high seas as fact, up until the moment they hear his cackle with their own ears. Born from the rubble of Dundinborough, Bopen is shrouded in mystery and in this campaign we will start to unravel the real power of this self proclaimed Skeleton King.

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The Grand Paladin Order

Hey everyone!

The first campaign of URealms Season 3 starts this Saturday at 1pm EST and is all about the aftermath of the finale from last season. Be sure to make yourself an account before the weekend as the website might come under heavy load and we may have to disable signups and such. We also have our early supporter events up if you wanna check out a preview of what to expect from this week's campaign by clicking below.

Show me this weeks events Rawb!
Posted by Rob on May 22
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With the launch of the new website we also have a cool new poster for sale! We took the Dragon Aspect design last year and decked it out into a neat poster! So if you are looking for something to slap on your empty walls, boy do we have you covered! If you aren't sold yet, check out our above video which shows off the products great qualities, like existing!

I like spending money!
Posted by Rob on May 19
Welcome to the Website!

If you are reading this then welcome to the new URealms Website! The website has tons of new features like a fancy forum for the community so be sure to sign up for an account! The card creator has been updated for the new season with over 2000 cards and we have improved and updated all the Character Pages from the show! We have a shop at teespring that sells some of our past t-shirt designs and we have also uploaded a ton of the music from the liveshow to our soundcloud in for you to check out! Explore and get pumped as Season 3 of URealms starts May 27th!

Anyway please excuse a few kinks or errors with the new website! We are still a small team after all and I'm sure there will be a few issues here and there, but I hope you are all as excited as we are for Season 3 of URealms Live!
Posted by Rob on May 5
Season 3 Preview
Hey everyone!

Season 3 of URealms Live starts May 27th! Here is a cool preview video incase you missed it of the new cards and Character Creation in action!

Posted by Rob on Apr 28