February Lore Streams!

This month me and Deadbones will be meeting up on Saturday Nights (7:30 EST) to work on the URealms Lore for S4 cards. This month we are starting to focus on the cards and will be making some fun Legendary and Roleplay spells on stream! If you can't make the stream, be sure to put your fun card ideas on the forums for us to read through!

Posted by Rob on Mar 8
Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an awesome holiday and are looking forward to another exciting year of URealms. We will be doing campaigns the last Saturday of every month just like last year and will be starting with a few fun Dead Realms campaigns while we write the story and finish the changes for S4 of the game.

Stay tuned as will have a few streams these next few months involving some lore building!
Posted by Rob on Jan 1
Dead Realms Today!

Hey everyone!

There is a Dead Realms today! Aww geeze I guess I should of posted this news update earlier huh? Well thankfully you check the website every morning to get your gold and XP and you saw it just in time! Hopefully!

I sure am excited!
Posted by Rob on Nov 24
URealms Live - The Lightbeards

Hey everyone!

This weekend is the big one. There is a good chance we cannot top this next show for a variety of reasons I might talk about in the behind the scenes. I hope you can attend this week and if you can't be sure to avoid the internet and watch the VOD on twitch because it's a very special show.

There will be an additional HYPE video this week on Wednesday, so I'll see you then!

Okay Rob. Here is my money
Posted by Rob on Sep 24
Dead Realms this Saturday!

Hey everyone!

I'm starting to feel better and was able to get everyone together again this weekend for a Dead Realms campaign. The show will be this Saturday and starting at 1pm EST. The cast this week is myself, Deadbones, Millbee, Spiff, and PauseUnpause!

Also, shortly after this Dead Realms we will be getting caught up in the site updates. There have been some delays, but next week all the XP/Gold from past campaigns should be getting updated into your accounts before the season finale.
Posted by Rob on Aug 30
Most Recent Campaign

The Cartwright Caper

Aloysius Bernheim Cartwright noted philanthropist, business mogul and collector of fine things. Among the fine things he has collected is the fabled Crystal Eye of Gufien, a virtually priceless heirloom and the prize of Cartwright's collection. For several years Holly Lagoon has been been devising the biggest heist of her life and take the Eye from Cartwright. She knows what it's going to take, a team of the best people in the field. With her crew of specialists gathered, she plans to put her plan into motion during Cartwright's annual summer soiree and pull of the greatest caper in history

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