Lyn Azveltara Gaiden - Character Creation

Hey everyone!

Here's this week's character creation! Lyn Azveltara will attempt to climb to the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry in this week's campaign, and we hope you guys get to see some of the stuff we have planned. The campaign starts tomorrow, Saturday, November 11th at 1pm EST so come check it out!

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Posted by Haunter on Nov 10
Lyn Azveltara Gaiden - Preview!

Hey everyone!

The next URealms Live campaign is this weekend and is about Lyn Azveltara's climb of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. If you wanna support the show or see a sneak peek of what else we have planned for this campaign, be sure to check out the donation events!

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Posted by Rob on Nov 6
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Lyn Azveltara Gaiden

Before Lyn Azveltara would train some of the worlds most deadliest assassins, she had to become a master assassin herself. To do so, Lyn is currently attempting to climb to the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, to be trained by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. While we already know the end of this story, in that Lyn will be successful in her quest climbing to the top, there still remains secrets about Lyn and how she went from artist to assassin just by climbing to the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.

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