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The Grand Paladin Order

In the winter tundras of Kaddoral, home of the Grand Paladin Order, a swarm of ageless thralls have begun sieging the city as if being controlled by an outside force. The paladins frankly prepare to defend the home of the light, all the while demoralized from the recent news that the Grand Paladin himself has been killed in battle. While the battle for their order hall is already well underway, the biggest question on everyone's mind in the order is who will lead the dwarven order next?

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Grand Paladin Order Rewards

Hey everyone!

The rewards for the first campaign have been given out. If you watched the campaign live while logged into your account or donated to the stream while logged in, you were just given the placeholder avatars for the players Characters from the Grand Paladin order campaign, 5,760xp, and 100g which we gave out because we are slow and wanted to test out being able to give out gold! In the future, this should happen shortly after the final youtube video is released.

We are also proud to announce that Sixelona who does the animations and character art for URealms will now be working full time with us thanks to the success of the show which means she will have more time for working on the Characters and Animations that go into this show! We don't have an ETA on when Character artwork for the placeholder avatars we just rewarded, but bringing Six on full time with this project will let expedite this entire process in the future.
Posted by Rob on Jun 22
Rawb Why??? June 2017

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the first ever "Rawb Why???" where I answer some questions I been getting a lot recently to help keep the community informed. Sometimes I answer stuff on twitter or forums that you may have missed and so this is a good way for me blog about things I'm working on.

Q: Rawb, when is the next campaign?
I don't have a date for you! The first campaign went very well, but honestly we weren't just ready to start the season and so we will need some time before the next show. We just launched the tabletop mod, but there are a lot of things with it that still need to be done. We need some introduction videos for it and the community to use and we need some gamemaster guides and an example campaign overview so players can mimic how we play as a baseline. I don't think the next live show will even be this month as the problem is whenever we reschedule, we have to then find another Saturday where everyone doesn't have plans. The soonest you will ever know when the next campaign will come out will always be the Monday before a Saturday show, as that is when we would have a preview video for that campaign. So watch the website on mondays!

Q: Rawb, when will we get our rewards for the first show? I never got my XP!
Nobody has! Nisovin works on and develops this website in his spare time and I don't have the skills to do this work on his behalf, so you'll need to remain patient! Nisovin has been moving recently and just hasn't had the time to finish the reward system just yet. The XP and Avatars for anyone who came to watch the show live here on the website or donated to an event will be handed out once he gets some free time to work on it. There will be a news update like this one when rewards have been handed out and in the future this should happen a lot quicker after each campaign.

Q: Rawb, what the hell man? I thought you were working on Unforgotten Quest? What is all this?
I still am! If you are a Kickstarter backer, there have been many updates over the years of the challenges and problems with the games development. I have said this before to my backers, but at this point the Kickstarter is clearly a failure, just not one I am willing to give up on because I don't want that black mark following my online career for the rest of my life. The fans who only know URealms Live might not care as much, but I don't want to be known as a creator who took advantage of their community to make a quick buck because that's not who I am and I need to prove that. But now thanks to the overall success of URealms Live these last few years, I have some opportunities to start putting my time and money back into it's development. While I plan to keep Kickstarter backers updated as I try to finish this long overdue project, I do not plan to make it a constant habit to talk about it in the open public, twitter, forums, or news posts like this until the game gets closer to release or at the very least I have something cool to show off. Until URealms Live, pretty much every project I had done was out of necessity to pay my bills and try to keep growing to get a point where I could afford to get another chance at this project. I think most people would reasonably and fairly say Unforgotten Quest has been a complete failure and some of the backers have even expressed that I should hang up my hat as they would rather this not hold me back from focusing on more current projects like this show, but I selfishly need to finish this project so I don't feel trapped by it as a creator going forward. One of the big reasons I pushed away from Let's Plays to focus on URealms Live is because I saw an opportunity to recreate the world of Unforgotten Realms in a new way so that I could make a game for an older audience that would still be attractive to the newer one. I have high hopes for this project, not that it will make me a lot of money or even be a popular game, but that it will do right by the community and it's completion will bring me the joy and happiness of completing a project I have always wanted to do. A video game.

Q: Rawb, are you happy?
Yes. For the first time since 2012, I feel like I got my shit together and things are in my control. My goals are to put on these 10 awesome shows every year, provide community support for the roleplaying mod, and focus on doing right by my old fans by finishing past projects I have promised. I have worked with dozens of people over the years, but the people who work close on URealms Live are some of the most passionate, dedicated, and hard workers working people I know. I have a lot of goals and aspirations that now feel in reach and all I have to do now is put in the time.
Posted by Rob on Jun 18
URealms Mod Release!

Oh boy!

It might be over a year late from when I first said I would have this sucker out... but it's finally here! The URealms Tabletop Mod has been released and if you have a copy of Tabletop Simulator you can start playing it! I'll be updating this news post over the next week as I add more updates and guides so stay patient! Rob where is this? Rob where is that? Stay patient!

Don't forget to shuffle the decks!

Alright and now for those links:
The Official URealms Collection
Character Creation Mod
Tiles and Map
Custom Tile Example

P.S. Yes the Buccaneer Class and Legendary Companions were removed. I don't think they fit well in the current landscape of the game. I'll talk about why this is at a later date, but it wasn't worth delaying the mod another week for the redesigns needed.
Posted by Rob on Jun 9