The Grand Paladin Order

Map Preview!

In the winter tundras of Kaddoral, home of the Grand Paladin Order, a swarm of ageless thralls have begun sieging the city as if being controlled by an outside force. The paladins frankly prepare to defend the home of the light, all the while demoralized from the recent news that the Grand Paladin himself, Virgo Sunsword, has been killed in battle. While the battle for their order hall is already well underway, the biggest question on everyone's mind in the order is who will lead the dwarven order next?

The contributions from supportive fans is how we can keep this show, game, community, and website free and open to all. Those who contribute to any of the events during a Live Show will receive all Campaign rewards like Gold and XP even if they aren't able to watch it live and will receive 4 avatars of the Player Characters added to their account to use on our forums. Please note that Gold, XP, Avatars and all other rewards from campaigns are distributed after each campaign has ended. Thank you so much for supporting us!

Light's Blessing - $250

Light's Blessing (1st Encounter): Mikael Zanovich grabs a bloody warhammer from the ground to help Jormr against the ageless Spider and in doing so is blessed by Ouro'ras himself in this battle. Mikael Zanovich is given the Warhammer, Righteous Fury, Lay on Hands, and the Divine Favor cards as well as a special Legendary Roll for an ancient Paladin Artifact. This event makes Mikael an active part of the campaign.

For the rest of the campaign, whenever Legendary Rolls occur, Mikael Zankovich will roll as well in hopes to acquire his own Legendary.

Bonus XP!

Our 5th Rodeo - $500

Our 5th Rodeo (1st Encounter): Kallark has managed to find himself riding on top of a completely different spider as it comes smashing through a wall, adding another Foe to the Battlefield. Kallark will attempt to Charm or Stun the spider every round while riding on top of the spider.

For defeating this Spider, the Players will be granted a Legendary Roll.

Bonus XP!

Craft a God - $2000

Craft a God (2nd Encounter): Begin the long and expensive process of creating a Divine Being in the universe of Urealms Live. A portal above all the Characters opens up and they are each hit by a random spell that rolls for it's effectiveness.

An 11th Live Show will be added to this year's schedule in which the audience and fans of URealms Live will come together to create a Character to become the leader of the Order of Chaos. The Characters name will be a fusion of two randomly chosen supporters usernames who contribute to this event. The amount donated or number of times donated does not change the odds. Your username can only be selected for this if you have an account on our website. We also reserve the right to skip over your username if it's randomly drawn and isn't appropriate for the show.

Bonus XP!

Spider Slayer - $500

Spider Slayer (2nd Encounter): Lance Willakers pulls out a war chest filled to the brim with special tools and weapons used to fight against spiders.

Every Player will be able to choose 2 cards to add to their inventory from a selection of 5 new unique item cards designed for spider slaying.

Bonus XP!

Death from Above - $500

Death from Above (2nd Encounter): A spider bashes in through the ceiling of the order hall spewing toxic death onto one Characters forcing a Death Roll and starting another combat encounter.

For defeating the Spider, the Players will be granted a Legendary Roll. The timing of these events activating can give the players a greater challenge or something to test their new treasures on.

Bonus XP!


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