Azveltara Z

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The Azveltara Elven family is ruled by the master assassin known as Lyn Azveltara. She is the warden of the realm, serving first of the Elves, Rohbear Leomaris and the Mana Arc by doing what she believes is necessary for the survival of the Elven families. After losing most of her immediate family during the chaos of the birth of magic, Lyn transformed herself from artist to assassin, training in many forms of combat and even being mentored by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. After a heated discussion with Rohbear, Lyn has decided to go against her king's wishes and send her personal assassins on a dangerous mission to maintain world order.

The contributions from supportive fans is how we can keep this show, game, community, and website free and open to all. Players who watch the show live or donate to any of the events, earn all XP and Gold at the end of each campaign. You can see XP and Gold you will earn in the top left of the show. As an extra bonus to supporters, the 4 avatars of the Player Characters created this week added to their account to use on our forums once the artwork is complete. Other fans will be able to purchase these avatars at a later date using Gold. Please note that all rewards from campaigns are distributed shortly after each campaign has ended. Thank you so much for supporting us!

Hatzen Mark - $250

The Az Warriors (1st Act): As part of their extensive training to become a master assassin, Lyn Azveltara will teach our brand new player Spiff how to merge souls with a wild beast and harness its power into a Spirit Animal Tattoo. This tattoo will allow her to transform into the beast at will. Spiff will gain the Azveltarian Race Card and draw a random companion from a selection of 3 like the other Players did during Character Creation.

Bonus XP!

Refresh the Bonds - $1000

The Az Warriors (1st Act): Lyn Azveltara has deep romantic ties to her elite assassins that when combined with the magic she learned from Quintara Lotus, allows her speak telepathically with her lovers and see what they see, across the entire realm. This event will cause Lyn to "refresh her bonds" with her personal assassins one by one while the others wait outside for their turn. Lyn has refreshed these bonds herself recently, so this donation event is not necessary in any way, however......

Bonus XP!

Top Secret Files - $2000

The Az Warriors (1st Act): For this special show, we had to record a completely separate mini Side Quest campaign to create a special ending for this week involving the entire cast including our newest cast member Spiff! This was very expensive to do both timewise and financially, but we really thought it would be cool to try at least once!

This event unlocks a very long bonus episode, that will be released on youtube of the entire extra Side Quest campaign featuring Rob, Justin, Coe, Roamin, Deadbones, Millbee, Nisovin, and Spiff!

Bonus XP!

Game Not Really Over - $250

Poison the Well (2nd Act): Lyn's Assassins are not bumbling idiots, but my Players can be. This part of the story is predetermined as the assassins must succeed in their mission or else this campaign would cause a paradox. If the Players are spotted and killed while completing their mission, time will rewind to prevent their mistake.

This donation grants the party 200 XP every time one of them dies, however the Player who does die will lose 400 XP from their total at the end of the campaign. If a Player dies 3 or more times during this act, they will not receive XP at all because they are a terrible assassin! If a Player manages to not die even once during this entire act, they will be awarded 1000 XP.

If all Players manage to not die, the entire Party, including fans, will be awarded 2500 XP and a special master assassin accolade. Rather then an animation for this event, a URealms Death Screen will play whenever a Player dies.

Whoopsiedoodles - $500

Poison the Well (2nd Act): Bottled from the tears of the rare Gumioh nine tailed fox, Whoopsiedoodles allow a little bit more foresight instead of hindsight allowing those who consume this rare elixir to foresee a potential mistake, but not be able to see a mistake made.

All Players are given a Whoopsiedoodle Consumable card which allows them to reroll a single Critical Fail or Miss. This may be useful if you believe the Players are competent enough to undertake this mission for the full rewards of the Game Not Really Over event or for future use with these Characters.

Bonus XP!

Cheat Sheet - $500

Poison the Well (2nd Act): This blueprint of the Dragon Silver facility grants the Az Warriors a detailed map of all the security measures inside of the Great Hall and Millbee a special pig sense.

Whenever the Players would unknowingly set off a trap that could kill them, the Gamemaster will make Millbee roll to search for traps. If Millbee rolls Average or higher, he will disable or protect himself and Allies from the fatality of the trap.

Bonus XP!


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