The Meta was Wrong

I'm Monica Rupert~ (she/her)
I'm the CEO of Momma Loving Management.
and the rightful ruler of the 5 Realms!
The meta was wrong and so now I've come to correct it~

Look into my eyes once more and this time I will ensure you stay cursed to me dear...

im scared!
Posted by Quintara Lotus on Dec 13
What is URealms Live??

URealms Live Season 4 starts this weekend and we have a video to get you and your friends caught up in the overarching world and stories in URealms Live! Obviously there is so much not in this video, but it's enough that your friend might remember what Kobolds are who this Bopen guy is.

Be sure to check out or donation page if you wanna show your support for URealms Live or see what interesting things we might be doing with this show!

Posted by Rob on Jul 25
New Poster

Hey everyone!

If you didn't see our release show on Saturday, you might not have seen this cool poster we launched! Season Four is almost ready just a few hundred cards left to... oh wait I guess it's not that ready. Man I better get to work on that instead of writing news updates for you dudes who miss shows huh. Anyway, if you'd like to support our project, check out our new poster! It's a sideways one!
Posted by Rob on May 27
A Fate Worse than Death

This weekend we will be doing our special Fate Worse than Death campaign that lets you the audience help us build a brand new powerful god character to change up the story for Season 4 of URealms Live! There will be over 20 Divine Decisions during this show as different audience members are selected to make choices to create this new character! We will be creating the Old God Divine live this Saturday at 1pm EST and then revealing them and the consequences of their creation May 20th in a special animation to reveal their design!

URealms Season 4 is right around the corner with our live shows starting back up next month. We hope you will all be able to make it to this weekends show because it's one of a kind!

Ho Boy! I sure am excited!
Posted by Rob on Apr 22
February Lore Streams!

This month me and Deadbones will be meeting up on Saturday Nights (7:30 EST) to work on the URealms Lore for S4 cards. This month we are starting to focus on the cards and will be making some fun Legendary and Roleplay spells on stream! If you can't make the stream, be sure to put your fun card ideas on the forums for us to read through!

Posted by Rob on Mar 8
Most Recent Campaign

The Mountain Kings Hall

While investigating the strange disappearance of townsfolk from the village of Hook Ares, the party stumbled upon Mt. Bluestone and found that the once lush green landscape surrounding the mountain had turned into stone. They set forth to climb the mountain in order to discover the source of this strange phenomenon and possibly find the missing townsfolk.

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