URealms Live - The Lightbeards

Hey everyone!

This weekend is the big one. There is a good chance we cannot top this next show for a variety of reasons I might talk about in the behind the scenes. I hope you can attend this week and if you can't be sure to avoid the internet and watch the VOD on twitch because it's a very special show.

There will be an additional HYPE video this week on Wednesday, so I'll see you then!

Okay Rob. Here is my money
Posted by Rob on Sep 24
Dead Realms this Saturday!

Hey everyone!

I'm starting to feel better and was able to get everyone together again this weekend for a Dead Realms campaign. The show will be this Saturday and starting at 1pm EST. The cast this week is myself, Deadbones, Millbee, Spiff, and PauseUnpause!

Also, shortly after this Dead Realms we will be getting caught up in the site updates. There have been some delays, but next week all the XP/Gold from past campaigns should be getting updated into your accounts before the season finale.
Posted by Rob on Aug 30
No Dead Realms Today

Sorry guys! I have been very sick since Friday and not the kind of sick I can ignore and plow through a show with haha. We might try to reschedule the show for next weekend, but we might just have to skip over this one. I'll let you know here on the website when I am no longer dead.

Also, we are behind in campaign rewards, but those are all now ready and should be going out next week.
Posted by Rob on Aug 25
URealms Live - A Night to Remember

Hey everyone!

The next URealms Live campaign is this weekend and is called A Night To Remember! We have the original cast of Roamin, Deadbones, Coe and Justin this week as all the guys will be playing Elven noble ladies from important households. We are getting close to the end of the season here and we have some special surprises ready this week!

The donations for the show will be delayed until Tuesday so stay tuned!
Posted by Rob on Jul 23
Dead Realms Shirt!

Hey everyone!

I hope you got a chance to watch our new Dead Realms show! It was a ton of fun and I think it will be a nice break between normal shows so that we can always have URealms be on the last Saturday of every month! They are also great shows for guests, so I will be always looking to get some fun people to come join us. Anyway, while I do think an Official Clown Business shirt is something Lily needs to work on soon.... we do have this awesome Dead Realms skull for those who need a few more bones in your life! It's up on the shop so be sure to check it out!

Yay Products!
Posted by Rob on Jul 11
Most Recent Campaign

The Cave of Pellinberries

The party travels to the south edge of the Dead Realms to a dungeon containing great treasures. The Cave of Pellinberries is a preview of the card changes that we will see in URealms Season 4!

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