URealms Live - The Mana Arc

Hey everyone!

The next URealms Live campaign is this weekend and is called Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator! This week Galen is in the capital city of elves trying to solve a murder mystery for an old friend of his! If you want see what we have in store for this campaign and wanna support the show, be sure to check out our donation events!

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Posted by Rob on Mar 19
Nader's Unforgotten Tales

Hey everyone!

The very first episode of Nader's Unforgotten Tales is here! This project took us a lot longer then we expected as the video evolved and changed as we were making it, but we think it came out great! The next campaign for URealms Live is right around the corner, so you won't be waiting too long for more URealms content!
Posted by Rob on Mar 11
The Sandbolds - Recap

Greetings Old Gods!

The rewards from the campaign The Sandbolds have been distributed! All Old Gods who attended the show live or donated any amount to the campaign have earned themselves 7380 XP and 2000 Gold. Your haul this week was grand indeed Old Gods.

The Old Gods generosity this week created 24,270 Blood Tears and the Old Gods who attended or donated also added their levels to this total as well for an additional 47,744 Blood Tears for a total of 72,014 Blood Tears from this campaign. Oh how very exciting! The first Old God Divine you create will now start at Level Two. I'm sure that this news is currently as meaningless to you as it is to me, but soon enough I'm sure we will both understand the power of these Blood Tears Old Gods!

One final note before I leave you today Old Gods, it appears you will be meeting me very soon, but unfortunately it will still be quite some time before I understood we met. I look forward to the day in which you will allow me to travel into your world and back again through the paintings. The day you wear my face, in YOUR grand hauls. Our visions, your gift. Our bodies, your skins.
Posted by Sintour Sallazhar on Mar 8
The Sandbolds - Character Creation

Here's this week's character creation! The players this week are kobold children rescued by the sandbolds! Well everyone but Millbee that is. The campaign starts tomorrow, Saturday, January 27th at 1pm EST so come check it out!

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Posted by Rob on Jan 26
The Sandbolds - Maelstrom Returns

Hey everyone!

The next URealms Live campaign is this weekend and is about the Sandbolds, the watchers of the realm who travel the world keeping tabs on those who use time magic! If you wanna support the show or see a sneak peek of what else we have planned for this campaign, be sure to check out the donation events!

Posted by Rob on Jan 22
Most Recent Campaign

Clown Clampdown

The small village of Huubastank and the surrounding has begun to fall prey to a strange new disease. When the B.E.A.S.E.P Moon rescue crew returned some months ago, they brought back with them a terrible alien creature; A Clown. Little did they know that Moon Clowns carried inside them a parasite that would infect not only creatures but the very land itself, a number of villagers have been infected by this parasite and turned into horrific clown-hybrid's. Because of this outbreak the Mortavanian army has gathered a unit of volunteers to eradicate all traces of clown at all costs.

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