Level 32
Hey People, I'm Dominick, or if you just want something else to call me, Call me AwSauci or Sauci. I've Been a long time fan of Rob, and Even though I'm not the most active member of the forums I hope to still make friends and play some campaign with people, as a player! So far I have only GM'd Urealms with my in person group, but I've always wanted to play, so If you have a slot open Hit me Up!

Here's a link to a character I'm proud of my players for making, named Piggit_III
and yes I know that his companion shouldn't have those abilities, but that companion was made before season three even started, so I made it based on events that happened in the campaign he was in. Also When I write I am a little long winded, but I usually talk directly and to the point.

Favorite Card: lascene