Level 23
Speedrunner of Shadow the Hedgehog. Wiki mod. Kobold and Keen are the only good races.

Clover_Devin - A cynical, female Kobold Witch who hates Light magic after her parents died in the Grand Paladin Order.
Trisha_Canisius - A fun-loving, female Keen Flamedanseur who loves throwing extravagant parties, who excels at various party tricks turned magic tricks.
Nick_Green - An autistic, male Kobold Theurgist child who is not very good at making friends, so he summons Air Spirits instead.
Alice_Tippy - A female Black Boar Petalwalker pirate who absolutely loves shopping and jewerly, who casts spells through her rainbow parasol. Full backstory: https://pastebin.com/KMT1xMXx
Lenny_Tenvura - A deluded, male Keen Ranger conspiracy theorist who has convinced himself that the world is secretly ruled by plants.
Aran_Green - A self-centered, male Kobold Berserker boxer, who goes by the name "Gold Kobold." His fists are made of solid gold and infused with various magics. Full backstory: https://pastebin.com/jrk9n39Z
Z_Pavlov - A hardened, female Keen Alchemist sniper for the Grand Paladin Order, who fires chemically enhanced bullets. Full backstory: https://pastebin.com/qd1jxhyE
Aza_Shih - An insane, female Kobold Warrior/Cabalist who is extremely masochistic. Full backstory - https://pastebin.com/SxP3fKXu
Karyin_Tahaas - A fanatic, female Elf Enchantress who is obsessed with Abracadab theater shows called "Abrime." Full backstory: https://pastebin.com/vH16rQfZ
Jekkar_Canisius - An artistic, male Keen Sharpsword painter who uses a magical paintbrush to summon magic.
Baba_Ji - A lying, male Porc Peasant doctor who claims he is a Black Magic Love Specialist who can fix your marriage. Full backstory: https://pastebin.com/yUwa8YC6
Karen_Tahaas - A charimatic, female Elf Witch seductress who can please anyone she so desires.
Sai_Devin - A drunkard, female Kobold Seeker gambler who is a member of a Dwarven military.
Vesper_Canisius - A hyperactive, female Keen Monk who is exceptionally skilled at magical punches, enrolled in an Elven school of savants.
Jessica_Hama - A traumatized, female Harpy Ranger who has experience with, and is experienced in torture as a soldier in war.
Osogain - A lavish, male Porc who has become completely desensitized to all forms of violence. However, he still lives a fancy rich lifestyle.
Chisato_Canisius - A female Keen Puppeteer seamstress who claims to have been a giant in a previous life. She always wears clothes that are ridiculously too big for a Keen.
Dradian_Pavlov - A feisty, female Keen Thane who loves fighting and dual-wields iron flails.
Maria_Devin - A female Kobold Booty Raider assassin who revels in killing people.
Yuri_Rosa - A female Keen Bard/Thane detective who is well known for her skills and abilities.
Ran_Lamina - A protective, female Black Boar Lumberjack who is a hardcore animal activist.
Natsuki_Trevor - A tricky, female Keen Clown thief who specializes in using bombs, and loves to fuck with people.
Daya_Lamina - A female Porc Magician musician who is the lead singer of the country band, "The Jazz Tractors."
Queen_Narumi - A female Keen Spellslinger believer who is the eponymous heroine of a series of action books.
Tomoko_Gerro - A goth, female, Ageless Black Boar Cabalist drug dealer who is attending the Lotus Academy to grow stronger to join the Ageless Army.
Joji_Devin - A lonely, female Kobold Sorcerer who doesn't make friends very easily, but desperately wants more.
Windy - A female Enchanted Flower (Daisy) Spellthief who acts cute to lull victims into a false sense of security, so she can secretly consume their souls.
Maureen_Tep - An insane female Hobgoblin Booty Raider who fights for the rights of Goblins, but is willing to kill literally anybody who doesn't respect those rights.
Peko_Canisius - A beautiful, female Keen Flamedancer fashionista who is the popular girl at her college. She finds pride in overhauling her classmates' fashion styles. Companions: Rica Shih and Mai Devin.
Akari_Tahaas - A playful, female Elf Lumberjack/Deathknight who pretends to be a superhero called the Earth Warrior.
Alduwin_the_Friendly - A friendly, enby Beenu Seeker who watches over the great library of the Grand Paladin Order. Everyone loves being around them.
Anri_Green - A female Kobold Bandito/Paladin who was once a gullible, overly-sympathetic merchant, before becoming an extremely bloodthirsty fighter.
Touka_Lamina - A female Black Boar Spellslinger/Hydromancer tabloid photographer who captures celebrities before releasing exposs on them.

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