Level 28
Dwarf Elf Gnome FORN
Kobold Pork Goblin GNOLL
BEENU Ogre Walrus Highbear
SPIDER Scrooge Shellmind Shezaite
Forn Gnoll BEENU Spider

Extinction Warmonger GREAT UNITER Champion
NEW WORLD Self Fulfilling Prophecy Wanderer Monarch
Anti Old God Robin Hood Endless Suffering PUPPET MASTER
Fall of the Divine UTOPIA Survival Wallbreaker
Uniter New World Puppet Master Utopia

CHAOTIC MISERABLE Malicious Melancholy
SCHOLARLY Theatric Chaotic Miserable

CHAOS CONTROL Legendary Tome Cursed Hands Summon Chaos
Memory Skin Cursed Tattoo MINDSMITH Tranquility
Divinity Instant Transmission Creation Magic FLIGHT
Blood Ink Chaos Disciple Sinner HELLISH WHISPERS

Blood Meteor Global Divinity BABY BOOM The Frozen Order
Through the Fourth wall THE LAST FIGHTING POWER The Great Silence Patient Timing
THROUGH THE FOURTH WALL The Last Fighting Power Baby Boom Global Divinity