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Being an official member of the Grand Paladin Order I have sought out to be just and fair to those of the realm. Anyways though, ooc I have been around with Rob's content since his earliest days. I thoroughly enjoy it all and when I can I wish to support the show to the fullest.

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Character Story:

(The legendary Gauntlet isn't special. I just wanted him to have a cool Gauntlet from his biological side)

Deston Faere. Elven Captain Paladin in a large branch of the GPO. Deston is a young elf. He was born into the Draughwin family a few hundred years after the dwarves came into being. He was for reasons unknown abandoned to a couple married dwarven paladins. All that was left from his old life was a gauntlet made for an elf with the name 'Deston' inscribed on it. His adopted parents treated him well and raised him as a paladin along their side. In an ageless raid however, when the Grand Order of the Dawn (Branch Order) located in Faredol built into the forested mountains got attacked on his coronation day from squire to paladin; in which most of the paladins were killed.

They then were forced back into the dining hall he had lost both his parents who held the halls for the rest of the paladins left alive to barricade in the grand dining hall. The ageless had overwhelmed the paladins in the halls before they began to soon breach the barricaded paladins. Deston lead the counter charge into the horde as they decided to die with honor. He saw his friends die before him and with only a dozen men and women left they fought on until the dawn of the new day arrived. On that day the Grand Paladin himself Virgo Sunsword came with Galen Sunsword his eldest son lead the charge and broke the hordes of ageless around the Faredol Hall.

That day he learned all his relations in the Order of the Dawn had died. He received a medal for his leadership in battle, but from then on he was a bit more grim and quiet. He took the ashes of the fallen and forged a warhammer from their ashes to carry on the dwarven tradition of his adopted parents. He let a prayer in the the hall of mirrors made in honor for those who gave their lives that day. The light glowed as he prayed when he opened his eyes the room was near blinding, but when it withdrew from the mirrored wall of names his hammer emanated with a soft burning light. He began to rebuild the order under the Grand Paladin's orders and has served there ever since taking the head position there so that he may be more able to lead the warriors himself to save lives.

What made him special as a paladin is that he had a good guise on spell weaving as he fought in battle. He made himself apparent on the front lines no matter where he went as he looked to lead the charge himself to save the lives of others.