Level 28
Original theorist for Bopen Being the sword on the old Reddit.
If the Hat Factory campaign does happen, try to remember I suggested it back on the old reddit.
Other than that, noone important. at least, not yet.

After all these years of being in this ever evolving community, I have found a new home, elsewhere.
I found a new home, so I am retiring from the URealms Community.
I don't know if I will return, because as of now, I no longer feel welcome or have a role in the community after so many failed projects that I set out to do throughout the years.
IE. An SFM project during LoM, the 50 campaigns pack, and other hidden projects...

I am not one for Good Byes so,
Best of Luck to Everyone.
I hope you all may be able to succeed here, where I could not.