Level 17
I'm the main Creator behind the "Venture Town WebComic series, inspired by Urealms live."(coming winter 2018)
Canceled the campaign project due to reasons from miscommunication.
I Wanted to do a winter 2017 holiday release but guess what, cant do that anymore. 400+ hours of re-playable content meant to cater for most people on the forums, gone. Impossible to happen for quiet some time. Maybe once I have a good hand again Ill do what I had planned for season 2 as a campaign pack.
What I currently have will be turned into a web-comic-series. It was going to be the plan for season 2 of Venture Town but now maybe season 2 will become a campaign pack in season 4 if things are settled. Im working with what I got here, not gonna let some mis-communications stop me from being able to give you guys something fun.

Status: In the dog house.

Loves robots! (I.E. Mecha, transformers, real/fake robots. Dont care!)
Publicly Favorite Anime: Assassination Classroom
Honorary Member Of The KuzonFam
Likes to help others when possible
Open to criticism