Level 24

JT, the Storm Ranger, is a Dwarf born before the fall of civilization, the age of the ageless. His birth is shrouded in mystery, even to himself, and especially about his family. Raised by an old dwarven couple, JT moved to Dong Dank and made a life for himself doing odd jobs and training with his bow. Once the ageless meanace started becoming widespread, JT enlisted in the Ranger Corps, in hopes of rising up the ranks. Fighting in nearly every battleplace, protecting every shrine, from the Emerald City to Mount Willakers, from Nolrim Hold to Raenil Sanctuary, and from Plains to Satellite Outpost 12E, becoming 2nd Ranger, at once even bestowed the title of SalogelSureshot, and then seeing the death of titles under General Willakers.

However, he kept the Dwarven Longbow bestowed upon him, which he named custom card, and has stuck by him. He also claimed a Silver Blade that fell from the heavens, of which only the Deathseeker could hold, custom card, capable of blinding any foe. He trained in the art of the Dragon Aspect Avirella, the Storm Dragon, and is able to bend Storm Magic to his will. He is also in possession of a custom card, seemingly slowing if not stopping his aging altogether.

After the fall of civilization, JT, going by many names, wandered the landscape for any shred of life remaining, killing any demons that came in his way. In his travels, JT formed many groups from the ashes of the Lightbeards, those being the Templars, the Hunters, and reforming his own corps of Gravediggers, but never sticking around for long, moving on, switching to a new name, and continuing to hunt demons, to the end of time.
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