Level 8
Jax Hollingstar is a keen "blazing" monk and has gone a great many a places with his best friend Dax Hollingstar who happens do be his adoptive brother, (he took his adoptive family's name and so far has no recollection or knowledge of being adopted) .. After his first adventure discovering the fire techniques of his bloodline, he found his kobold wife Rosa Redstar (maiden name) who he met early on in his travels and soon fell in love with the hopeless romantic. And the rest is up to fate to determine.

Fun facts: Jax has 107 stamina. he uses the staff more as a walking stick. Cleric is his cornerstone.(through his adoption attribute) And I would like to actually use this character someday on urealms... Live or playing with one of you fine folks since I actually made him for some family game... And grew to like him and his group. (also he tends to use ignite right when the fireball hits as a sort of flair added to it...)
temp holders for crazy characters
Erk_The_Elder ... has 294 stamina as a colossal...(is a paladin through association... But is usually too bored by tiny problems to ever get really into a fight.)
sir_broke_alot_patent_pendtoo broken... random draw was way too generous... wont use this guy unless messing around